MH17 Victims' Bodies Arrive in the Netherlands

A somber reception was held as military members carried the bodies off of the C130.
11:00 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for MH17 Victims' Bodies Arrive in the Netherlands
Coming home the first group of bodies victims the Malaysian air flight seventeen disaster. Arriving in the Netherlands just moments ago you're looking at a live picture. Of some of those bodies being removed from the C 130 this six days after the flight was shot down over Ukraine -- what Michelle Franzen in New York. The Dutch king and queen are among the dignitaries and officials on hand for the solemn reception and also a somber day of reflection and morning. Across the Netherlands we're joined now from the Netherlands by ABC's office on. But -- give me an idea of the families of the victims at the airport how many families do we know that might be on hand. And do they have any idea if their loved ones are bombs those on board. Hey good morning Jean Michel well you know we are actually on the runway at -- And that's what I can tell you it is not a -- -- -- -- -- I'd also a former more than wallet he can did you get the media he -- -- amendments finance. I mean it just means so much but it she -- of floundered with -- fortunes culture and those. Remained at the victim that we didn't know how he found -- hit. Understandably. He found these are being kept away from the media -- in fact -- -- out black green and officials here tell us that the region they come this is. For us to respect. The -- he has family -- We're not so how many companies. -- we do you know that they all. At -- that there in the vicinity that we it revealed if you depend on how ball and the identification protest. Goes on for and how long. Those forty forensic experts. It will be undertaking not -- -- To Dutch prime minister saying -- it could take anywhere between week. That's involved you can imagine what like for the founding members and the relatives. Speaking to find out if indeed. -- Who -- -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- You are right there on the runway we are seeing visuals here of course that the planes but they'll ride watching this solemn process right now. Give us tonight DO walk us through what we are witnessing here on this grand scale portraits. What we were expecting he'd keep playing their lives. And they gave -- within movement that each other and I'd like -- -- I was trying to describe it she really -- -- but but everyone Hickey spoke violent. And the fly there -- a number of -- that representing different nationalities -- of this -- flying at half often packed everywhere. Around another -- because it is a national day of mourning. Like the flying hospital to mourn and to remember. The victims. But it greedy is a movement here -- -- Q -- the -- I think it it was -- goods people in the Netherlands. But as the country's -- has lost. Didn't and number. Passengers on -- seventeen. I think what really angry angry at the weight that he authorities were treated at this inmates. The fact that the grappled with on allowing act the cops like to address. What about how McCain today turning to the national day of mourning for the people to remember and that's exactly what -- witnessing like him what you're thinking. What is happening on the way. A ceremony. So full of dignity. As well as a focus return to the passengers on board that plane six days of course after that plane. Was shot down give us -- -- -- once the bodies are taken off of the plane and remains. Where -- they go from there we understand the I get a identification process will be to the north in the Netherlands how long could that take. Well I'm I -- -- -- added few more details to what happened today as well with the team and achieve -- which. Before they apply to find them -- their lives. There -- church bells ringing across the government. And then once -- once they did lab that was a moment violence which -- everybody here has served and people across the Netherlands. We're serving as well now today we cities. Not these bodies will be taken she ate at a cheap -- in the which is about five miles from here he able to act which is fine -- -- Medicaid. They will be taken to the initiative that acute which is -- he cough is trying to identify. The victims and the body will be getting. We believe that there are forces aren't expert on the beach just north -- I think he agreed to beginning. Gentlemen that he if you like -- more warning not to but -- -- of you can very long time for some people if not it's just we identified. Bodies opposite should take. So anything -- up like that poverty and how long they have to wait and that he wrote is still a long way ahead. As you mentioned the majority of passengers on board that flight delays -- flight -- Seventeenth -- -- -- but a 193. Of them but this wasn't just the -- tragedy that plane had passengers move around the world. Do we know are there any other families. In Idaho but today and -- Malaysia air has been helping folks. Families get. Well I think a Malaysian lined up from the get go from the very begin again I'm had been sort of very -- -- -- -- likens. And trying chew. Give. As much help paying them -- and hotels. Keeping them cash so that each and they can. You. Get there. For the primary need if you like yet they were trying to help them as much as possible we don't we haven't been given me nation all the relatives on the property. All of corporate -- -- -- your -- held a press briefing. Good -- essentially that's told the media not to disturb them. There's actor art so they're really hounds and intimidation on its nationality. Sitting here. The economic strength infirm and -- -- families and the relatives are there any assistance each and that being -- From the meet Jackie keyed a black screens up right now to be. Very difficult day of course for families -- its bid. A difficult near a week -- these families waiting for word waiting for answers waiting for their loved ones. To return to them. What can we look forward later today as the ceremonies instead dignified ceremonies take place over the course of the day as well as the days to -- All we can double what I can tell you out today is that it -- it happy to tragic day of national mourning. So there are more commemoration. Being housed more -- easily won its eighth aren't any church to remember. The victims to more in the -- and several. -- nature today as well. -- people just walking. Bombs some -- -- some good some of the people he knew the victims who also -- that we -- that's -- take -- just today and -- small. Memorial of the -- More commando operations. -- -- -- Jurisdictions. Planes of the plane. And I know that you're right there on the runway you may be seen -- same sort of visuals we are from the camera. Give us an idea again the as the enormity. Of what is going on the ground right now as you watch also. Each casket come out of that plane. I mean I can tell you there is. I'm very very big Aaron. -- media contingent if you like -- you know we're talking about cameras from every single network channel. -- -- -- -- Trying to get he indicated beaming them across to you. And bought you know what you're seeing what we're seeing cheer on the ground when -- she admitted she came utilize such well it's quite scary because. The whole place just off on them -- -- those sanctions. -- a whole slate just weren't quiet. Aaron. We're now seeing he. What we watch it from the ministry of Pollock -- and tightening it back out and -- panic might actually -- yes breaking educate students coffins remember. Foresee as their culture has now wise strategy or he has those victims have now. And as many victims that have arrived today there is still. What families have been prepared for remains. Back at the crash site that still need to be recovered. I'm sorry can you repeat -- -- his job as many of the victims that have arrived today on these flights there are still many other victims and remains that are still. And the ground -- I didn't -- yet we've recovered well what do you know about that process that's not going. Yet the -- information that we how Bob Barr is -- -- perhaps it's going to take a few days. We were told by what officials that at least 200. And will be didn't mind the ability. Hype being hounded over there not here yet -- -- only foreseeable why. But the -- that they can take a few more days. To compete so again what you think about the stop and -- and -- friends. And at this pretend that must be a really -- time. You know that it's happening hands to wait it must be -- streak -- them but. At this point -- is -- -- -- -- a few more days of stopping -- -- that they -- Q. ABC's llama Hasan from Eindhoven in the Netherlands thank you very much for joining us from the runway there -- And you can continue to watch this streaming on You've been watching a developing now a story on Michelle Franzen NB.

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{"id":24678937,"title":"MH17 Victims' Bodies Arrive in the Netherlands","duration":"11:00","description":"A somber reception was held as military members carried the bodies off of the C130.","url":"/International/video/malaysia-flight-17-victims-bodies-arrive-netherlands-24678937","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}