Was Malaysia Flight 370 Diverted Intentionally?

Indications of hijacking and intentional course diversion surface.
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Transcript for Was Malaysia Flight 370 Diverted Intentionally?
This is a special group. And -- Cutler -- New York with this ABC news digital special report they seven and the search from Malaysia air flight 370. Remains as mysterious as when a search for started today. Suggestions the flight did not simply strayed from its route to China. But take a deliberate known route west flight for hours perhaps before disappearing. Into the night sky for the latest on the search -- ABC's brandy hit in Los Angeles brandy. But -- develop this new data the search area for that missing plane has now expanded dramatically and what's more alarming. -- investigators still aren't 100% sure if the plane was purposely taken off course. And if so. Why. New clues suggest the disappearance of -- 370 could've been a deliberate act. It's a good life. Does not receive any of these things you know home home. On me. US sources tell ABC news they believed to key tracking devices were intentionally turned off in the cockpit. And one of 7 AM the final data transmission was made and that system shut down. Then at 1:21 AM the transponder that sends out the location of the triple seven was also turned off. They have to know where they were looking what they were doing. And it would have had to been very very deliberate after disappearing from radar sources say the jet was still pinging a satellite every hour for four hours to a data health system. Which means a plane could have flown 2400. Additional miles in any direction but not everyone is convinced the jet veered off course. Search efforts continue in the South China Sea cruise from Vietnam and India are helping. And the USS Kidd is now scouring an area of the Indian Ocean. Malaysian officials say all options are still on the table. It couldn't be done contentment. It -- being done under duress and have been done because of an exclusive. At the mosque the co pilot attended friends told ABC news he was a great man is in the NBA and. Anytime you hope that the people -- -- fifty. Your military official also says all intelligence assets are being used right now to find out if the plane landed or crashed. So they can rule out the possibility that -- plane could have been used for any nefarious purposes in the future -- Well that seems to be the case for another try to Rula any -- -- possibilities but hijacking still seems to be on the table as a as an option. That's according to Malaysian officials are even saying that that is an assumption right now possible options -- saying everything's on the table. Including the possibility that the pilots or crew purposely veered this plane off course for those purposes. They're still searching the China sea though which is an opposite direction. That left hand turn going last recently they found two more oil slicks one with tiny traces of jet fuel. But they don't believe it's linked to flight 37 -- so they're continuing to expand the search right now Dan. Including some of those options is that possibly the plane could -- actually land that Hussein that. -- you have to consider there are hundreds of remote islands out there are a lot of them are too small too rocky to land the plane. But when you consider the plane could have flown 2400 miles in any direction. Nobody knows where it went it could have waited in remote areas of southeast Asia or elsewhere in that -- search zone. -- a lot of people believe the plane likely went down still that's a possibility again. What about this idea though if it was a deliberate hijacking. You would have thought would be that -- would have taken ownership of the plane obviously. At any terror groups have they come forward have they made any kind of response to this. -- -- -- stickers possibility and that's key if the jet was flying to India the Middle East northern Australia. And miraculously wasn't picked up by any sort of a radar government radar you know. Do you think that that would happen terrorists still loved to claimed responsibility either way that has not happened another possibility they're -- they're considering because -- so many still at this point. Is that this was a suicide situation but nothing has been confirmed yet. What of the things we've been close to -- -- denies the actual search area itself. That satellites and those actually in the water whether the on aircraft carriers whether it be those planes flying overhead as well. With that effort has now doubled -- the size. It seems though that the effort has not necessarily been -- it was so many countries been involved in all that's how long -- in this kind of an effort continue line. -- -- as long as governments are willing to use their resources you heard Malaysia first asked the US to get involved the USS Kidd started moving yesterday. It's now in the area on the edge of the Indian Ocean. We also have some aircraft also involved Vietnam's involve India even announced today it's expanding its search with six navy vessels and aircraft already in the region. There's a former crash investigator with the NTS BU told ABC news this could end up costing hundreds of millions of dollars they want to get to the bottom of this and -- -- fortunately. If that plane did continue into the Indian Ocean as it continues to head west Dan. The water -- traumatic -- deeper so that's going to make things even. Technical and of course with a thumb is of the 239 people on -- wanting answers just as the rest of us do as well ABC's Brady hit in Los Angeles ready thank you so much certainly appreciate your time. Of course you can keep up with this story in real time like downloading ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates. On the go. For now. I'm -- -- New York with this ABC news special report.

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{"id":22920040,"title":"Was Malaysia Flight 370 Diverted Intentionally?","duration":"3:00","description":"Indications of hijacking and intentional course diversion surface.","url":"/International/video/malaysia-flight-update-mystery-370-diverted-intentionally-22920040","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}