Multi-National Search for Missing Malaysian Jet Continues

New questions arise about two passengers with stolen passports and one-way tickets.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for Multi-National Search for Missing Malaysian Jet Continues
This is a special room. I'm -- cuts -- new -- this ABC news digital special report more than sixty hours after it last may contact air traffic control. There is still no sign a Malaysian airlines flight three Saturday that Boeing 777. Let's call them poor and -- for Beijing with 239. People -- Saturday morning. Then disappeared without sending a distress signal less than two hours later and now. A massive multinational search continues and it's -- new questions about passengers traveling. With stolen passports. Be she's given to art and on the latest on this down -- us with the latest DeVon. Take -- good morning again that's right they're still calling this a search and rescue operation but it's really more likely -- recovery mission. If they can find any Trace of flight 370 at all. After three full days of searching still no sign of Malaysian airlines flight 370. The -- -- investigators now say those oil slicks spotted in the South China Sea are not from an airplane. Debris thought to be the plane's door was spotted from the air but nothing -- member covered or confirm. Today the search area is doubling from fifty to 100 nautical miles. More than thirty aircraft in forty ships including two from the US navy are scouring the area. But the hunt for the missing Boeing triple seven is like looking for a needle in the haystack there's literally tens of thousands of miles of ocean and you have to be searched investigators are not ruling anything out including catastrophic mechanical failure or terrorism. Raising concerns to passengers with stolen passports in one way tickets apparently brought together from a tight travel agency. Authorities say they've identified the men and airport surveillance cameras did he give him forward to -- intelligence agencies meanwhile anxious family and friends of the 239. On board flight 370. Are being told to prepare themselves for the worse. One of the three American passengers as fifty year old IBM executive Phillip -- his two sons in Texas are coming to terms with their grief. I'll never really give up hope. But that doesn't mean that I won't accept that you know he may not come back. It's against time to find those critical black boxes -- to locate -- -- on those boxes stop sending signals. And about thirty days and it and it -- -- -- is another possible -- today that the Chinese group that claimed responsibility. For taking down that plane. That's right and it it interesting report out -- from a little known group called the Chinese martyrs brigade this is a group that posted a statement. Online that basically claimed responsibility for it for taking down the plane citing revenge for the persecution of an ethnic minority group in China called the readers. You know authorities say they're very skeptical of this report there's no indication in the statement that this group had any responsibility. Or ties to the plane but -- Malaysian officials said today they're taking everything very seriously and in writing everything down to him. And that and that of course is -- search for the plane itself is continuing under some -- questions and some new information. About two passengers on that flight traveling with stolen passports and here again is the latest from the Malaysian officials. I can confirm that we have visuals on them and I -- taken from that -- tool individuals concerned. And yet he -- to be forwarded to the intelligence agencies. It's a -- what do we know about those travelers who Wear those documents come from. We know a lot now about the documents the documents are an Italian an eight an Austrian passport both of those were reported stolen a couple years ago in Thailand. Those documents were used by these two men allegedly to get on the flight today officials said that. Those -- went through all proper security and procedures to get on the flight. But they say that that both of those men now they have facial they've made official contact in those in those surveillance images one man. Actually described is looking similar to -- black professional Italian soccer player. I just give you -- sense of the description that they're putting out there but at this point we have no names. 222 associate with this these men -- than they bought their tickets together apparently in Thailand. Just a few days ago and they were one way tickets that. Any -- reported their habits of suggestions that the -- was actually trying to turn around. -- in the moments after disappeared from radar coverage who Hussein -- Angus or prohibit how does that complicate that search. That's right -- -- Malaysian military studying the radar images from that night again this -- released Saturday morning local time just about fifteen minutes into the flight. The plane disappeared from -- -- upon closer examination they they they say that it appears the plane was turning. But the trouble is is there they really don't have a clear sense yet of which direction. The plane was turning what its speed was what its altitude was that as it started to to move. And what that means is that the search area has gotten a lot bigger the plane could have gone laughed could've gone right they don't really know at this point -- so. Really as we said the peace there it's like looking for a needle in the haystack and they have no clues right now to go on and which is why it is so critical at this point to look for any kind of debris that might give indication of where it's going. That's right any piece of debris in so much as is a plastic raft or -- or any thing. Could help narrow down this search even if it doesn't provide clues as to what brought the plane down your member air plans for Air France flight 447 a couple years ago. Off the coast of Brazil that plane went down they found that. The bulk of the plane or those black boxes to two years later so this is going to be very long process for right now they're just looking for some peace. This plane to at least put a -- -- on the maps of that they can dig a little bit deeper -- that -- -- and what are authorities saying about the pilots not making any kind of a mayday call. In those moments after that raid at separate from radar. That's right -- it seemed sort of surprising doesn't -- that that pilots professional pilots flying the big commercial airliner. Wouldn't call out for help with something was happening but. Aviation experts tell us that it's actually not that unusual for pilots to focus on flying the plane first which is how -- but they've been trained to do. In the event of an emergency so in this case. When aviation expert told us it's either one of two scenarios either there was a catastrophic get incidents perhaps a -- or an explosion or something with. When simply the plane disintegrated in mid flight or. There was something and that was developing and that while the flight was at 35000 feet in the pilots were simply too consumed. We're trying to take care of that problem that they they didn't have time to call for help before was too late to him. Sixty hours into the search continues ABC seven to our -- latest on that Devin thank you we appreciate the reporting on that. And of course right now we are watching the State Department and the White House daily briefings with the latest on the US government officials there. -- likely to be asked about the latest on the search. For that Malaysian airlines flight of course that live streaming here watch those on ABC news dot com's live stream and you can keep up with the search for the Malaysian airlines flight 370 in real time. By downloading ABC news at -- in this story for exclusive updates on the go. Now -- on down -- New York this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22848595,"title":"Multi-National Search for Missing Malaysian Jet Continues","duration":"3:00","description":"New questions arise about two passengers with stolen passports and one-way tickets.","url":"/International/video/malaysian-jet-questions-arise-multi-national-search-missing-22848595","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}