Massive Flooding Headed Toward Bangkok

Residents scramble to protect Thailand's capital city.
1:39 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for Massive Flooding Headed Toward Bangkok
More than half of this nation is now under water -- temple's -- major car factories shut down. Already torrential rains killed nearly 300. People even stranded herds of elephants and now the floodwaters are headed -- straight for the heart of Bangkok home to nine million people. Paul peavy could not protect -- -- -- -- -- True. -- And I know what's gonna have -- that. Along the outer banks of the city volunteers -- to built flood walls but there's too much water too little space. It's turned roads north of Bangkok into swimming pools. You can see the water has already started to spill out onto the major -- out here. In -- this -- tell me -- this road used to be completely dry just a few days ago. They have -- as -- so they can get back home. The water's already seeped into -- homes Sandra -- house He lives along the child cry the river that runs through the heart of Bangkok. He says his Stanley took the day off to save their family -- -- For the first -- those underwater. The prime minister -- called for calm saying Central Bank com we'll be -- But -- Bangkok means flooding surrounding communities. And angry residents are now taking apart -- set up to divert water from the capital. Weekend forecast for this flood ravaged nation is for heavy rain. -- -- Fujita ABC news thing.

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{"id":14743793,"title":"Massive Flooding Headed Toward Bangkok","duration":"1:39","description":"Residents scramble to protect Thailand's capital city. ","url":"/International/video/massive-flooding-headed-bangkok-14743793","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}