Mayor Rob Ford Sideshow Includes Anger and Apologies

The mayor of Toronto denied being a drug addict during a heated City Council debate.
4:06 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Mayor Rob Ford Sideshow Includes Anger and Apologies
I'd show takes center stage today at the Toronto City Council mayor rob Ford was admitted to smoking crack while and quote drunken stupor -- He's taking questions and sustaining some verbal blows during a meeting with the Toronto City Council today. Let's take a quick look at some of the more dramatic moments. You attended a residence in the city -- Toronto. And at that residence it -- -- -- suggested it is a a crack house that is not a crack house what -- it sorry that is not. A crack house. A few visited the post -- you walked in the total actually I have no -- -- I think you're listening equipment that is that is compared bargaining on whether or not being truthful that's -- my problem I've had been in that house I have no interest being in that house -- not a crack user don't. Do you think you have an addiction problem. With substance abuse and illicit drugs absolutely not. Mr. -- you recognize. That. Some of your behavior points to that. Depends how you interpret my -- -- couple a few isolated incidents not funny folks. It is not you know it's it's also. Not a funny if I'm not an -- of any sort that's so I'm not quite sure. Why you're saying I need help. Mr. mayor. Have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years. Have you admitted all of your problems. I've come I can't come on any I don't know what -- I don't know I I. I don't know other might eat like according -- left in my closet you don't know what it. You don't know people are Arab viewing this are doing that I don't know what's out there right now think you're referring to the Saint Patrick's Day party -- in my office. That was the very a lot of that stuff in there -- he was completely wrong and if you believe everything you read bouncer. That might be a problem. Everyone in this chamber is coming across as holier than now. The question is have you -- or smoked marijuana. Have you ever smoked marijuana. All the have you -- smoked marijuana. It's -- white temple yes or no -- smoke marijuana. During. No need for me to take only about since I'm returning my calls I'm going to committees. I'm watching every single dime that's being spent here about a for thirteen years and I'm gonna continue doing it for another five years won this comment for more after October 27. All right and that video at the end there if he could tell that mayor Ford being -- restrained. On the floor by his brother also a member of city government we're joined now by ABC news political director Rick Klein Rick it's. Hard to watch at times but and they've been watching and you've seen that roundup of the most dramatic moments of the session. Ever seen anything like this in American politics. I call them highlights -- that's suspiciously close -- double entendre in this case it is. Now the shortest is now they've added there's nothing that I've ever seen in part part of it is is the unique aspect of the of the -- going for the City Council asked questions like this that. Wouldn't happen any other city that I'm aware of the United States that -- mayoralty and in Toronto is on not a particularly powerful post essentially city councilor. With a little bit more centralized power but clearly the other city councilors embarrassed by the behavior making it showed today because of -- -- -- their constituents Toronto becoming an international laughingstock. Over the last couple of weeks and they -- -- it is defiant and as ever in maintaining his plans he'd run for reelection next year.

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{"id":20879172,"title":"Mayor Rob Ford Sideshow Includes Anger and Apologies","duration":"4:06","description":"The mayor of Toronto denied being a drug addict during a heated City Council debate.","url":"/International/video/mayor-rob-ford-sideshow-includes-anger-apologies-20879172","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}