Meet the Brazuca - 'The Most Advanced Soccer Ball Ever Made'

Adidas spent two years designing and testing the "Brazuca," the official World Cup 2014 soccer ball. And you might be surprised to learn where it's made.
3:52 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Meet the Brazuca - 'The Most Advanced Soccer Ball Ever Made'
-- did business. -- I told you the most important city for the World Cup plus three you know -- -- up here. London are over here in Milan. Politically told you it was clearly over here. In a place -- probably never heard of Protestant. You'd never thinking but in this tiny little town's soccer is a huge deal. It started when British soldiers stationed here in the 1850. Personal scruples fixed took him to a local should there who eventually learned how to make them on his own. The rest is history. Today factories here produce up to sixty million soccer balls a year the industry now so people. Seven out of every ten soccer balls in the world. You were given a rare look inside the at dean gets factory that produces -- for some of the world's top leagues with coincide. Including the Bundesliga UEFA champions league even adolescent North American companies do not think for the all -- -- -- -- -- -- all of -- -- covered -- Some of the designs are so new -- top secret -- already been allowed to film them. But we were allowed to film this it's -- the presume get the official World Cup soccer ball. So what makes the present is so unique. Well take a look at this is a regular soccer ball -- usually made of around 32 cigar shaped handles all of -- stitched together. The presumed has opened six panels they kind of look like splashes of -- and there -- no stitches. Due to hold them together for the design supposedly makes -- one of the most aerodynamic -- in history. Here's how it's made at least pay attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The process is so precise there's hardly any variation from one ball to the next. And this is why that's pretty cool. So all -- Lionel Messi will be kicking. In the World Cup is the same as somebody goodbye and play at home with the same same old same technology. And materials everything's the -- Speaking at the -- plus six. -- all right we'll slow down for yet this blur that -- usable. 45 miles an hour that's about the same speed as a guy like this season. This is how the polls are tested to 5000. Times -- should make sure they can handle the world's best strikers. If you're wondering about the climate the polls are tested for that to take a look this is a water tester and as you can see. Football is soaking wet. The polls aerodynamics mean to rain drips right off shortly anything is a -- And to test for heat the falls are baked for seven days -- a 130 degrees. The problem this game has report that brings whenever the -- together and that is what this corners of. Course here in Pakistan the -- represented something else it's a chance to change the country's image. Look around this is a huge success story. And Pakistan many women can't -- but here is -- 40% of the workforce. Soccer has made this city so stable hasn't seen a single terrorist attack in years. Proof that the beautiful game really is doing something beautiful. Police when it begins. Right now that we see how the ball is made there's only one thing left you -- -- it is let's see how it performs. On the -- ABC news them cl go to Pakistan Jimmy -- shots. But I got -- and.

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{"id":24105030,"title":"Meet the Brazuca - 'The Most Advanced Soccer Ball Ever Made'","duration":"3:52","description":"Adidas spent two years designing and testing the \"Brazuca,\" the official World Cup 2014 soccer ball. And you might be surprised to learn where it's made.","url":"/International/video/meet-brazuca-advanced-soccer-ball-made-24105030","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}