Meet US World Cup Super-Fan Teddy Goalsevelt

Mike D’Amico tells the origins of his Teddy Roosevelt-inspired costume and his take on the Internet’s reaction.
2:35 | 06/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet US World Cup Super-Fan Teddy Goalsevelt
Mike Demeco but probably better known now is -- any goals about B I travel a lot for a day US men's team in the in the states -- There's always somebody more than one person there would like an awesome outfit. Somebody tastes like another level is always like. Colonial soldiers and like pilots and you know presidents and stops -- I five and traveling. Thousands of miles many thousands of dollars to go to the World Cup I should probably do something one -- can hit me. We're going to be an Amazon I have this veered back and Xiamen is something. Teddy Roosevelt it's perfect. We're going to be in the jungle and he is right where he's at home if there's anybody -- Demands. The country into battle in the jungle. Teddy Roosevelt zone that's where it came from and the Internet. -- -- -- ran with it and that's where it's -- goal -- came from -- was 100% Internet. So I I had assembled this this costume and I thought it was I thought it was OK you know I thought -- was kind of cool but the more I sort of think about it I was like I'm not sure. Maybe this isn't a good idea but I ran -- by my -- at home and then my roommates. When I got to Brazil and they were all unanimous you have. To where this thing you have to Wear so it was kind of opposite actually I was a little unsure. When everybody else major that I definitely war and then once I wore -- the first day even before I got out of the hotel. I knew -- was -- -- I mean it's. -- I can't say how ridiculous it -- now but. You know -- -- -- ended trying to enjoy it's it's. It's crazy I'm just another guy I -- if you go to the games. I'm just another fan you know there's there's other. Even more incredible costumes and when I've got going on just the other day. I was standing next to a guy in a full. Military suits as general Patton he had the stars the -- the bars that the helmet he was incredible. And so you know I I try to keep that in mind I'm just I'm just the lucky -- that they -- you when he was losing his mind ninetieth the end zone. It's it's it's crazy that there's T shirts and and like cut out heads in crowds and stop but I'm trying to have some fun with the floods is actually a funny -- -- my brother. He works in sports viewers for the Boston Celtics he's actually reporter for the Boston Celtics and now I kind of have a lifetime one up on him. Because he works in sports but I beat him to the front page of -- -- So I've got that the handover of for the rest of their lives. It's. Another another page in the ridiculous. Crazy story -- --

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Mike D’Amico tells the origins of his Teddy Roosevelt-inspired costume and his take on the Internet’s reaction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24364328","title":"Meet US World Cup Super-Fan Teddy Goalsevelt","url":"/International/video/meet-world-cup-team-usa-super-fan-teddy-24364328"}