Mexico Hit by Strong Earthquake

The 7.6 magnitude quake's epicenter is in Guerrero state.
0:32 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Mexico Hit by Strong Earthquake
We're following a developing story out of Mexico powerful earthquake -- sent strong jolts through southern part of that country. Says not just report it was -- seven point six quake caused buildings to sway it sent people out into the streets. The epicenter of that quake is in Guerrero State it's about 200 miles from Mexico City. It was also felt there resort town of Acapulco. Officials did not issue a tsunami warning and the Mexican president's office is reporting. No serious damage at this point.

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{"id":15963882,"title":"Mexico Hit by Strong Earthquake","duration":"0:32","description":"The 7.6 magnitude quake's epicenter is in Guerrero state.","url":"/International/video/mexico-hit-strong-earthquake-15963882","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}