Did Mexico's Escaped Drug Lord Threaten Donald Trump?

Tweets from person claiming to be Joaquin Guzman's son attack Trump over Republican's statements on immigration.
5:50 | 07/13/15

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Transcript for Did Mexico's Escaped Drug Lord Threaten Donald Trump?
New developments in the manhunt for Joaquin Guzman it seems the billionaire drug lord I'm how. From his daring escape to tweak. About fellow billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump the website in the post some tweaks that would be from Al chop those sons. Lashing out at the Donald for tweeting. He quote take on life. Hello I'm tired and is in New York says he called the FBI after the Mexican drug like threatened him let's bring in ABC's Aaron Turkey Aaron. Doing out its threat is real and who it came from. Well Donald Trump believes it's real enough that he contacted via the FBI's New York field office to say that he had been threatened by a son. Of topple or at least somebody claiming to be a son. Of Joaquin Guzman who made the spread via Twitter. Apparently upset at some of the things that. Trump has been going around saying as part of his presidential campaign. But there's no way to exit to know right away whether it's a legitimate threat and the FBI by matter of course will not comment on. Things that are reported by alleged victims of crime. Now for what we know this is a profanity laced tweak it can give us the gift. I don't know if I could do it justice but but did the did the tweet expresses. Some anger I think it at what Donald Trump has been going around saying about Mexicans. And his belief that they you know illegal immigrants are all criminals and equating that would would would Mexicans are I think there's there's some anger about some of those views. And and and and a threat to that it had to knock it off and and Donald Trump's campus taking it. Seriously enough that it contacted the FBI. In a statement that from campaigns have the FBI is actively investigating the threat. But he also doubles down on on some of the comments that he's been saying over the last it a couple of weeks as he he's launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. He says I'm fighting for much more than myself I'm fighting for the future of our country. Which is being overrun by criminals so he's taking the opportunity in announcing that the FBI is investigating this threat to also. Further his political massive. Got interesting to think that it's someone I've recently on the run from prison would stop. And take the time to acts as Donald Trump by Twitter even one of his sons at this point. You know it it's it's who allegedly from one of his sons or somebody claiming to be one of his sons not from on top local law. It would be rather remarkable if he had just escaped from a Mexican prison at one of his first acts would be to go public and somehow threatened Donald Trump that that that seems a bit much but it's allegedly a threat for. Made by somebody claiming to be one of all of south Los suns but there's no way to independently verify that it's actually true nonetheless the FBI. Is investigating an trumps camp says as much. And is now trying to figure out whether any adjustments in security need to be made as he goes on campaigning. Now of course speaking of that campaign this is become yet another big political issue for Republicans and more attention. In terms of Donald Trump's position on Mexico. And there are some of the Republican camp who certainly would like him to stop talking about Mexico and his views of illegal immigration. And Mexicans in particular for one house speaker John Boehner. Has said that he would prefer that that Donald Trump tone it down a bit although. A few of of the candidates have gone farther farther than that it to outright. Say that his his comments are are just not worthy of public discourse and and are in fact. Wrong went when he cites certain statistics about illegal immigrants and criminality and Mexicans. It's a little too much to sort of it even. Talk about his his view is being a legitimate one but nonetheless he goes on saying it and and is getting quite a lot of attention for. And that's part of it is well aside from denouncing what trump passed to say I also think in some Republicans are concerned. That it's overshadowing the race we've Scott Walker's big announcement but this could. Actually get more attention. Well look trump has has a big mouth and and a big platform had always does and and that's been confined in large part. Two two to his home base here in New York but as has gone wider now as he seeks the Republican presidential nomination. A number of other candidates just don't have that kind of platform that blends. Politics and entertainment and news. And sort of expands into this one large persona with a a singular identity trump you know exactly who you're talking about their buildings named after him is airplanes hanging out of the airport. And and so you know exactly who he is and in the kind of attention that he he demands rightly or wrongly. And a lot of the other candidates don't have that recognition. Having said that in the polls it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of difference because. Very few Americans according to ABC news Washington Post polling. Think that he's got shocked. It BC's Aaron turnkey thanks for bringing us the latest. And you can of course keep up with this story we're talking about Donald Trump. And perhaps a Twitter war with the son of an escape Mexican convict now that remains to be seen. In any event can keep up with the story real time by downloading ABC news app and starring mr. exclusive updates I'll veto anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Tweets from person claiming to be Joaquin Guzman's son attack Trump over Republican's statements on immigration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"32423125","title":"Did Mexico's Escaped Drug Lord Threaten Donald Trump?","url":"/International/video/mexicos-escaped-drug-lord-threaten-donald-trump-32423125"}