Michael Phelps Wins Gold in Last Individual Race

Olympic swimmer wins 21st medal and 17th gold of his career in 100-meter butterfly.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for Michael Phelps Wins Gold in Last Individual Race
The greatest retire on top. And when the most decorated Olympian of all time -- in his final individual race. Only one color suits. Michael Phelps was in seventh place halfway through -- hundred meter butterfly but suddenly powered past every one. He's now won this race in three straight Olympics 21 medals in all seventeen of them gold. And could -- -- is heir apparent. Six for one missing the missile Franklin won the 200 meter backstroke by almost two seconds. It's the third gold and first world record for the seventeen year old who trains in Aurora Colorado. And she's two years younger than Phelps was when he started -- on the soccer field the women are through to the semi finals -- New Zealand two to zero. Speaking to take some inspiration from the gymnasts -- celebrated their first goal. Across town at Wimbledon Serena Williams easily beat Victoria -- a rate cut to reach the finals. Roger Federer needed a little more time to dispatch Argentinian won -- they'll -- for a the longest match in Olympic history was decided in the third set. Nineteen games to seventeen. And more history today -- -- John -- Connie fought judo. The sixteen year old lost badly but no matter she's the first woman to ever represent Saudi Arabia. But today is Phelps Tuesday. He once called the pool where he belongs and like any good champion he's proven he can live up to incredibly high expectations. And then exceed. Mixture for an ABC news London.

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{"id":16925652,"title":"Michael Phelps Wins Gold in Last Individual Race","duration":"3:00","description":"Olympic swimmer wins 21st medal and 17th gold of his career in 100-meter butterfly.","url":"/International/video/michael-phelps-wins-gold-individual-race-16925652","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}