Multiple pedestrians struck by van, Toronto police say

The driver is in custody, police told ABC News. The extent of injuries among those hit was not immediately clear, police said.
4:15 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Multiple pedestrians struck by van, Toronto police say
This is an ABC news. George stuff. Good afternoon coming on the air now breaking news what appears to be a deadly incident in Toronto Canada unfold around 1:30 eastern time. Driver in a white van major thoroughfare. Pulled off the thoroughfare in downtown Toronto started driving down the sidewalk mowing down pressed and pedestrians. According to trial police there you see the white man right there the suspect now is in custody. But not before plowing down eight to ten pedestrians according to Toronto police eyewitnesses on the scene has said. That it appears that there are several casualties several fatalities from this incident. No motive yet but as we said the Toronto police say that I suspect is in custody has been taken from the band one of their source Chief Justice correspondent. Pierre Thomas again Pierre we don't know what the motive was we don't know why this driver decided to pull off the road and go down the sidewalk but we do know this fits a pattern. It does Georgian US law enforcement officials obviously are trying to get additional information about. The situation in which are those possessions appear to have been injured George and as you said we've had incidents involving. Vehicle was used as weapons in New York City in London in Paris other attacks like this story so obviously although we don't know the motivation yet. Terrorism is something that we'll obviously be looked at. And presumably just good justice officials are United States Holmes Kate officials on alert now. They are trying to get additional information whereas understandably New York City. Police department has put out a tweet indicating that they are monitoring the situation very carefully obviously George when you have this many casualties. In this kind of scenario it sends up a long for people across the globe. There you see the scene in Toronto right now. Mercy officials on the scene there that is right in the middle of a major thoroughfare in down that promise that he seems the issues perhaps as some of the victims. Stuff stores condominiums. And in fact it just a few miles away. Foreign ministers from the major G-7 countries had been meeting he acting Turkish chief United States John Sullivan. Is there for the United States want to bring in Jon Cohen former counterterrorism official with the Department of Homeland Security he is on. Joining us by phone right now and Janice pierce said we've seen a pattern here and we know. That ice is has called on its supporters to use vehicles like yes. That's right George. I sit and al-Qaeda have urged people in western countries to use cars guns knives. Anything they get their hands on and to conduct attacks. So called soft target places where that public congregate. Police are that are difficult to secure ourselves. We still don't know what the motive was behind us. Attack or that incidents what you can back that law enforcement will be rapidly trying to wind figure out if that this terrorism related initiatives. I figure out if there any other people are working with this individual. Yeah and presumably this of this and it's not seem to be a suicide attack being the driver was taken because you just a few blocks away. From. The area were hit those civilians John. That's exactly right that was something that it's somewhat unusual. Where you have somebody who will conduct this type of either attack initially. And then either kill themselves or try to be confront police officers. So that individuals fleeing from the scene. But that shadows around old man. I it sounds like he traveled. That the driver traveled quite a distance down sidewalk striking people vote in the street and on the sidewalk. And the fact that. It's a driver is a lie can be questioned by police and they let examined to electronics it's and laptop. Are any other type of device you might have. Goes well that law enforcement a figure out demoted quickly. Again a deadly incident Toronto Canada unfold around 130 this afternoon eight to 102 districts hit. According to trying to please by a driver in white band who moved off the thoroughfare onto the sidewalk plowed them down one by one. We continue to monitor the situation all afternoon a full report tonight on world news tonight when David Muir. Have a good afternoon. This has been a special. From ABC.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The driver is in custody, police told ABC News. The extent of injuries among those hit was not immediately clear, police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"54670905","title":"Multiple pedestrians struck by van, Toronto police say","url":"/International/video/multiple-pedestrians-struck-van-toronto-police-54670905"}