Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Defy Egypt's Military

Protests turn increasingly violent as gunfire erupts in packed Cairo square.
15:18 | 08/16/13

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Transcript for Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Defy Egypt's Military
This is a special report from ABC news. Love -- I'm Dan Cutler -- New York with the CBC news digital special report a Friday of rage. There is a call for protesters to rise up against Egypt's military after hundreds have been killed in recent days. Supporters of the ousted president Mohamed Morrissey. Reacting to the crackdowns earlier this week. And dramatic pictures just getting more intense. As the days go one -- he's he's in Travers has been on the story now. Now live from Washington Karen. Good afternoon -- police and security forces used live ammunition to disperse crowds in Cairo and there are protests taking place across the nation of Egypt and today the Obama administration is watching this all very closely. More relaxed. -- its demonstrators clashed with security forces in Cairo as the Muslim Brotherhood called for a day of rage across the nation. The protests -- a show of defiance response to Wednesday's who -- the violence. Today thousands of protesters took to the streets throughout Cairo police and security forces used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the crowds. Egypt is a critical US ally in the region -- the increasing instability is a week concern to the Obama administration. The US gives more than a billion dollars in military aid every year to Egypt. Yesterday president Obama's of the US condemns the violence and it was a step in the wrong direction toward a lasting. Peaceful democracy. Our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. And rights are being rolled back. The president announced the US will not participate in the military exercise with Egypt scheduled for next month. But there are no indications that US military aid will be pulled back. Mr. Obama stressed the US will not take sides -- cannot determine what happens next we want a peaceful democratic. -- -- That's our interest. But to achieve that the egyptians. Are gonna have to do to war. And Dan a White House advisor told ABC news that the US wants to -- -- gays and wants to have some leverage but it will be increasingly difficult for the Obama administration to sustain that position. As Egypt heads further down a path of violence and. So the fact the matter is Karen and after the cancellation of that joint military exercise and of course not discussing that one point three billion dollars in military aid. The fact the matter is the White House said that obviously it wants a peaceful resolution to the issue but it's the White House offering specifics about what they want you done in -- Muehlegg -- they want the military to -- Dan if they're offering specifics they're certainly not doing it in the public right now we have not heard any specific steps. Yesterday President Obama came out and said much what we've heard from secretary Perry earlier this week and frankly. White House spokespeople and State Department spokesperson that they want to stop the violence they -- and they they condemn the violence but. They didn't actually say how to stop the violence and that militant and the military more than one billion dollars and eighty -- that is. Very critical and that is kind of the linchpin to all of this the White House is saying right now that that is not being withdrawn but and you have White House aide told ABC yesterday that it is certainly in jeopardy. The administration wants sustained gains with the Egyptian military they want to help them. Yet on a path towards peace but at this point if they were to withdraw that aid that would be a major shift in US policy. It certainly is seems like it's on the table but they're not going to be talking about in public at this point because they'll say it is and then they have to consider very seriously cannot be dismayed overnight. Even if the violence continues for a couple days this is something that would be -- very big announcement. Kerry if you can explain a little bit about that -- -- the technical term is being talked about is whether or not this in fact is a -- And I know that's a lot of what representatives and senators have been debating over the fact of if it is determined in fact to be a -- that's occurring in Egypt and now it automatically. Caught off any kind of US funding there. -- at the same time we've been watching as developments when Mohammed -- he was taken down from power in June and the obviously military taking over. And installing an interim president and now just recently the interim vice president Mohamed Al -- day. Stepping down resigning this week in protest. Is the US government though are we still on that definition -- if in fact it would ever be called -- true. Well right now -- administration officials are carefully tiptoeing around those questions they had said at this point. They are not going to say whether or not for certain it is a military -- it is not. Because as you pointed out legally that is a very big deal if we were just say yes it is it true and that aid would have to stop under US lot of course you're gonna hear more pressure perhaps from Capitol Hill. About that -- to right now administration officials are saying that that's not what we're going to be determining but they -- course keeping a close eye on this and as the violence increases. This is not the path that they want Egypt to go down in the administration has said what they want immediately. Is a stop to the violence in the short term they want the military and that interim government to figure out how to get back on the path. To a peaceful transition to a democratically elected government remember -- -- she was first thrown out we talked about this it sounded like -- was gonna take months perhaps not even until next spring when elections would be held. This violence of course could present a very very significant detoured to that it could take a lot longer in the not -- -- administration would like that to happen as quickly as possible but stand in transitioning to democratically elected government is certainly not something that can happen overnight. Especially with the way things are looking right now in Egypt. Absolutely and the president pointed that out yesterday saying fact there are stumbling blocks along the way when he made that announcement Martha's Vineyard yesterday. He would -- out the fact that yes in fact Mohammed -- he was democratically elected by a majority of five -- 651. Point 8% of the vote on there. -- but the president also point out the fact that since that election that the administration had not been representative of Egypt as a whole. The president fact even going so far to say that there might be a majority of those egyptians that believes that. They do want reform that they do want change despite the fact it'd -- a democratically installed president. And now the administration is having did -- that fine line of yes -- he was democratically elected at the same time. It seems to be growing sentiment against him. Yes and sometimes elections don't always put in place the leadership that perhaps the US -- the Obama administration wants and president Obama's -- yesterday and this is very key. The US is not going to take sides we're not -- -- one political party won political side over the other and that is a very specific. And very nuanced position at the same time because they're saying look we know he was democratically elected he obviously had the support of a just a slight majority the Egyptian people. But the -- -- government did not live up to the expectations and promises they need. To institute more democratically. Did democratic ruled in institute things like that that people were calling for and that's why you saw those protest prop up month more than a month ago and in the military comes in and takes -- out of power so at this point the US is trying to say we're not gonna take -- -- the military -- -- the -- -- the protesters this is -- to -- to decide the Egyptian people. Have to make this progress they have to be the ones take the next steps. And that of course US is not exactly giving really solid directions on how they should do that. All right ABC's Karen Travers watching Washington as Washington watches what is unfolding in Egypt Karen thank you for that. I want to bring in Molly hunter from Jerusalem via Skype and Somalia and we've been closely following what's going on in Cairo. Who has other protesting right now what is the balance between. Pro and anti more C supporters. I can't -- -- -- or Friday eager. Not eat. Parents. Are not. The not a lot of -- street. At pro military -- receipt. On the military Donnelly. Rather an honest -- whole -- -- 700. The largest net debt AME high street. Iraqi -- -- depressed prior to. -- nine. And -- I am all about the kind of -- -- We're not -- I am sure -- even though we're talking on the ground. And works during an honest we're not -- -- That. These protests have certainly transformed it's tremendously. Over the past couple weeks and really since you pointed out since June. Because we remember seeing those images from tahrir square where there was nearly a million people that were out their protest in and now it appears that these demonstrations are taking a place. Not in tahrir square in fact but in some of the outskirts of the outlying areas and and looking -- some of this video that is just. Unbelievable to look at Ross and hear reports of people actually jumping off the October 6 bridge. -- Ramses square. What's happening on the ground there as far as any kind of police are able to get any kind of control -- the military stepping in and. You're an idiot. Really. Jumping -- -- Different today. After eight and it. Com -- -- Twenty. Country. And doesn't -- Kyra and Kyra are starting. After. And heading to and clear -- -- our city. But military. Armored. Not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever aren't meant when he will be needed -- -- out with me -- so right now. -- -- -- -- Each hot on -- right your. Right now. It tremendously chaotic -- now -- meet her or. And by. -- -- Armed and I accept rigid ramseys are not exactly. News I -- I. -- -- -- -- Aspiring. Its music -- really not here. I. Certainly. But not just in -- around. -- -- except. Me. I. Day and I think it and it actually I. -- -- -- the rate monitor. Each picture and it can be. Met it's. Now. It is no longer use tear gas and any kind of rubber bullets -- -- that is that they are using live ammunition there is is we've been point nine and getting reports from. Also a state of emergency has been declared from just a couple of days ago that's the remains into effect and a curfew as well but. And -- obviously because Egypt plays at a pivotal role in the relationship with for the United States in the Middle East and I wanted to ask you from your vantage point in Jerusalem there. How closely are people on the street watching this unfold. -- I don't really act Kirk you -- -- app and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- EET. And I -- and you're actually. Out you use. Any. Where it's at our tax. -- it's that our current. Eerie. -- -- anchor -- -- my. Parents to be out. -- -- -- topped the active and a rusty it -- -- after. It's not close -- a year were -- -- -- Nine. Ager and -- it at. He needs to virtually -- Street. Since eat dirt more or not the -- according. -- -- -- Meat Packers weren't. -- and security on our. Caught. Up -- -- nasty. And it. -- Anti American. And high. Anti. -- very -- so how they're not -- Here at the arrogance and a stay out of the -- -- In the. So yeah money has hit sand to satisfy kind of teacher gauge just for -- the of the public reaction to thing. You know when you're out there on the streets and -- you're talking to Israelis and you know we see it obviously these demonstrations continue on now for for weeks at a time. And I just wonder if from their point of view -- that has become now just a centrally what that environment will be in what that is going to be continuing on for weeks ahead of time. Or is the intensity in the attention level has that been ratcheting up over the following days. Everybody. Especially. -- -- -- it. And it -- -- last week where he'd be checking in Atlantic which is officially center perhaps out -- out. We -- -- in teacher. This year he. It's incredibly. Our racking eat lots and lots and teacher. In -- in Egypt. She. -- -- Last year but it's certainly not act on the top. Writer. All right ABC's my hunter in Jerusalem via Skype Molly thank you for that. Course we have the very latest on the situation in Egypt and a full write up on For now -- -- cuts -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19984687,"title":"Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Defy Egypt's Military ","duration":"15:18","description":"Protests turn increasingly violent as gunfire erupts in packed Cairo square.","url":"/International/video/muslim-brotherhood-supporters-defy-egypts-military-19984687","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}