Nancy Grace: Court Should Tell Pistorius to 'Suck It Up'

The HLN host says to take Pistorius' emotional testimony "with a box of salt."
8:58 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Nancy Grace: Court Should Tell Pistorius to 'Suck It Up'
This is a special room. They didn't. Olympia Oscar for stories seen here firing a gun at watermelons. That video displaying his skill. His love for weapons shown in court today in the -- pictures of his girlfriend we cannot show you that the judge ordered taken down. The blistering cross examination playing out in a courtroom in South Africa alone when I'm Dan Cutler in new York -- ABC's Matt -- is in the courtroom as the story is. Was forced to recount the night he shot -- -- camp without leaving any details. The prosecution ruthlessly skewering the blade runner chilling video been blasted -- watermelons. Prosecutor Jerry dale no as the people ruthlessly going for the jugular he -- the exact same thing. The bullet that went -- to. It image so graphic we had to blower settlement look at a picture we implemented but what also -- -- not -- in court Christine camps mother. -- -- -- -- -- Finally the judge putting it into the torture. I think some. And consistent this from the scream yes. Minutes earlier dale began his cross examination. Blasting away -- -- -- that when you kill you that's income -- but he did say yes. I U I -- -- was being done. But that. But five long minutes elapsed before he finally broke the bathroom door down to find her bleeding out -- the harrowing moment before. To see that room was broken some laws putting -- -- the book through us repeat stories describing the -- bloody scene in the best. On his prosthetics he called for help -- the info and was to stunned the confident and -- ask -- for -- but couldn't -- struggling to -- Trying to resuscitate. I don't expect to -- -- -- to continue for days so far the prosecutor has been probing for his stories his emotional weak points -- we expected to dissect his story. Why did -- wait five whole minutes before battering down that door -- issue for bullets into it. He didn't intend to kill. And why did he make sure his girlfriend was safe. Before he pulled that trigger. Back -- and ABC news Pretoria South Africa. All of those questions being asked now hopefully with some answers host -- Nancy Grace NHL and Nancy Grace live in Atlanta and at -- -- -- really appreciate this. The judge barely able to hear the story is through his crying yesterday today a little more composed. How are these emotional -- how many plane in this case. Well you know you can't blame it all on the cross examination -- has the story as was crying and it's not mean and vomit me. During the direct examination -- however it did intensify. All cross examination. A few tears possibly could engender sympathy apparently it has but because the judge. Chance -- -- Cortland stories got two outs too upset to get -- I mean he's been crying snotty vomiting lying down in court he had to have a street comes strike him on the face let me just state it in an American courtroom. If the -- that his shot somebody dead a defenseless woman hiding crowd seeing towering behind a closed to war. Started crying on the -- we would not cancel court. -- best to give -- a box of Kleenex is say suck it up Lowell says our debt problem with that not sat. So apparently the tears and -- -- and the vomiting has worked on this judge to the extent she did postpone court and this is not the first time. Because the story this is upset now that leads -- to the next question is he upset because he is. Remorseful about reducing -- or is yet set -- he finds himself being tried for murder probably a mixture of the two. Let me point out there are reports that he has been dating a teenager actually been going out and kind of a disguise of people with -- it was him today this girl. He's not crying and then it. So you know yeah take all the crying and the vomiting with a box of salt. Well for anyone that in fact may have felt sorry for him when he broke down yesterday the trial adjourned as you pointed out of the day what are they thinking to -- seen him. In that video fired at a water on before you weigh in I want to play that clip. Yeah. What engine used as a fifty point five ammunition ordinance sickened thought that this book was the shotgun. And sit and -- was. When fatherhood kind of handgun. But but he -- it is. This six. The ammunition hat. On and -- human. He exploded. -- all right that's reported you know that the -- happened duplicity. He -- have been good. Julio is that it -- I don't have to look at it do so is the I think that is extremely unsafe to say that is the same thing is similar to. Someone else heard there in the back or make your remarks about the watermelon being softer then someone's brain powerful testimony. I gotta tell you is extremely powerful and I think the reason the prosecution brought it on is this. The judge is saying I very charming aside all the story yes he refers to are asthma lady he adds that some people think. Attractive he is well -- he's somewhat -- the hero across the country there is great public interest in him and the outcome of this case. All -- has apparently had some -- that on the judge. But when you see the video that you just played it's very very chilling because you see another side of the story yes. A more cold. -- -- A more calculated the story yes and not only that that may very well be the east side at the stories every distinct camps on the night that she was shot dead. If you look at the two bites -- the side by side comparison between the emotional reaction yesterday and today it does appear that he is holding up better despite a relentless attack which yesterday that said. He appeared credible. He do you still stand by that today. I mean when you hear him telling his story heats things -- -- it sounds -- it sounds immodest -- he's telling its unfolding just hasn't happened. But then. As with so many defendants on the stand it all starts falling. Falling apart on cross exam when they are tested which is the purpose of cross examination. For their truthful as of their veracity and credibility to be tested let me just laid out very plain light. Here's the deal. We have juries they have a judge. The judge or the jury is the sole Trier -- -- they alone must decide. Credibility. Veracity who's telling the truth now you've got -- -- -- that we get a -- do you believe Oscar the story is a story or do you believe. That neighbors. Two are more neighbors that client that you hard. 85 a vicious spot between a man and a woman then I hear -- gunshot. A woman screaming. And three more gunshots. New has an interest in the case his got -- in the day -- got something delays not the neighbors. -- Oscar historians have skin in the game he has a motive to lie. That's how you judge credibility you can't -- but the van. But -- those stories are inconsistent. Either they are telling the truth they heard it correctly or either die in this -- and he's telling -- very. So there is laid out plan is simple a -- and how believable. Story this is -- -- a story that he has rehearsed with his law you're. Let's see how it holds up -- cross exam. NASA less -- -- four minutes -- the prosecution are they scoring any points and driving home those consistencies in the -- -- story on the night of that shooting. Is special with the -- statement. Absolutely -- at -- statement we're saying. Inconsistencies. And while you may not believe that the inconsistency. In itself -- -- Mark Kirk. It proves that he is lying. That's why they're bringing that in and they're not done yet. HL as Nancy Grace from Atlanta Nancy we appreciate your time in your insight as always of course. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring the -- for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm Dan -- New York.

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{"id":23260604,"title":"Nancy Grace: Court Should Tell Pistorius to 'Suck It Up'","duration":"8:58","description":"The HLN host says to take Pistorius' emotional testimony \"with a box of salt.\"","url":"/International/video/nancy-grace-court-pistorius-suck-23260604","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}