Nationalist parties seek center stage in EU parliament elections

Nationalist parties are set to win big in European Union elections in Europe.
2:16 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Nationalist parties seek center stage in EU parliament elections
I was so let's start win at more EU elections the. Yeah yes that we know I'm sorry gotta get ourselves together we're just so like clever. And yeah. Direction again and take it away. Today yes VP year election that's right I mean is fascinating isn't it but now they all. Very very important and I have. People are running to the polls hay in the UK and in the Netherlands today the unit in the same across. Other countries in year for the next few days and on Sunday we will have an idea of what. The European Parliament might look like of course is the Charles people across Europe to me they've always decide about how they feel. About the European Union but also about and national politics in front for example in monument my call is in a bit of fight for his life with. The fall right in not country have. A coalition in Italy all of populist policies that is Charles people in that country to say how they feel about them Poland and Hungary how far right. Comes governments that Newt. Hopefully will want from that perspective to send anti European parliamentarians. To the halls of year to dismantle the European project in the way. That we did hay in the UK with Albright's to leave the European Union says. And a lot of division across Europe will be we'll see what the result sol on Sunday but. Here in in the UK we weren't even expecting to have to bite. In these elections I'm gonna have to go off to what today it wasn't going to be something that we were gonna have to David could be voted to leave the EU the two main parties here expected to not do well tool. The consent of particles in government. Hasn't come up with a proper plan yet to get us out of Europe. I'm the labor party in opposition hasn't really come up an alternative plan either site fox is you know how things are looking here. To be honest the big a deal here in the UK the bigger critics and people are going to be looking to is an leadership election to replace our prime minister threes in May she isn't. They fight of a life to remain prime minister. We think she's probably going to get beat that out at some stage win optional when but when he does happen there are plenty of candidates almost as many as they're on the democratic. Talking to you. Blank not be prime minister. We Al lock on their days we know that year old be busy into the street get out and boats.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Nationalist parties are set to win big in European Union elections in Europe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63226640","title":"Nationalist parties seek center stage in EU parliament elections","url":"/International/video/nationalist-parties-seek-center-stage-eu-parliament-elections-63226640"}