Navy SEALS, volunteers continue rescue efforts despite tragedy

ABC News' Joohee Cho tours the "rescue village" where crowds have gathered to support the mission to free 12 boys and their soccer coach.
4:16 | 07/07/18

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Transcript for Navy SEALS, volunteers continue rescue efforts despite tragedy
I'm Judy Chile Thailand and you're watching maybe things right behind me is our team we think Kathy has here. Forty four's seventh to cover being. Well boys trapped in a cave in that the cave ins and we're keeping an Diane that. All the time and this is the best but you forget because right here. Just behind. Be relatives and the parents of the boys were not allowed to talk to them and it as a car from. We're not allowed to. Talk to them but we thing making eye contact. We've been saying hello but they've been very shy and the authorities everything he has from talking to them. Right here is being medical and they're keeping vendors and the medics. And they would be different juries find when the blaze come out and there also if this thing. Rescue mission so. Anyone who has cuts and bruises would come here third. For treatment. As you can see this. Barricaded heavily guarded. People laying on but the way. Been the companion thank you very. And I'm fairly fit get a sneak you love. Navy seal and that Boone town right there. We've seen there scuba diving here will be aired tank. Unfortunately. One of it rescue. Ex navy seal. Divers. Packed away overnight he was doing his rounds. Until every one of those air thanks to near where the boys start he was diving on his way back and he didn't pass away. So. This just shows how dangerous this mission is. And right then and the the Navy SEALs and it it's. Not only of the tiny Navy SEALs here they have. People from Australia and China. As well. And we've been. Keeping and I and anyone who goes then and anyone who comes out to get any bits and pieces of information about what's going on inside the cave. He science what the Thai government is posting on faith. Hi hey. Hello and welcome time. Sorry you. Untie Eric. Okay. So yes we're doing small hot in the exchange hello. None of them are really. Talking about what's going on inside. But. On this side. From here. To all the way to be and is the media. And as soon as someone important comes out from the intensity gave you see hundreds and thousands of media people this morning tour is that. Per cent to get a sound bites or an interview. Yesterday there are also. Calls or volunteers. Very strong man they needed hundred strong meant to carry the very things into the third came there. Which is about two miles from here. And it's a long while with the heavy. Those. So unless. Here. Unionists on. Also you see a lot of refugee. The rescue workers and the volunteers. Having their snacks and lunches that there so. It's just a long waits but it's. And there's not much time left because they have weather forecast says there's going to be heavy rain coming. Very soon in about one or two days so. Although it looks quite calm right now everyone is nervous and hoping for the best so that the boys could come out before they hit Avery false. I computing tool for ABC news and time.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News' Joohee Cho tours the \"rescue village\" where crowds have gathered to support the mission to free 12 boys and their soccer coach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56416207","title":"Navy SEALS, volunteers continue rescue efforts despite tragedy","url":"/International/video/navy-seals-volunteers-continue-rescue-efforts-tragedy-56416207"}