Nawaz Sharif: From Dungeon to Campaign Trail

Pakistan's former prime minister was jailed as part of a military coup in 1999.
3:00 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Nawaz Sharif: From Dungeon to Campaign Trail
How will the relationship change between congressman in America if you win the election. -- -- -- What we -- very applicable. Continuous. An admission book relationship -- -- -- -- And don't you like to. Strengthen this relationship what -- your government do. To fight the militants -- didn't. I think the government has ordered a doing that. We have been fighting -- agency everywhere in the country. Don't need the government focused on. -- we -- -- he -- solve the problem with the program needs we've sort. And and the cardinals will dismantle the local united -- all of our friends you have to sit -- together with us. And share that concern New York's and an -- analyst -- -- Understanding into the -- an aggressive. I think we don't have a big new initiatives. -- to establish reasonable in this country the peace in the region and -- in the world can you guarantee. -- Pakistan will not be safe haven what I think I think he everybody's. Is that continued distrust of more than -- because -- my welcome to -- until it. Com. Soldiers have been period on the -- have been good. And policemen have been executed. Offices have been -- the general public has coveted. Economy has -- -- -- And but and this country is being in the in the -- crisis. We want to more than crisis. And if you want to really move on describes in the reports we have -- was -- -- Moscow but -- resolution. I agree we need to sit down and join hands together. All of the stakeholders must sit down and -- in his home. To see how this program can be dealt with and how can -- to establish peace and how can really solve this problem. So this problem and a wonderful. Of this country. Will focus. But -- -- -- The agent. Including. A -- -- And -- -- ship and of course we go to -- sort of musical. Any nefarious designs. And other countries and really good on this it. You know one of the important issues here as far as America's strengths for us. Officials -- -- and strikes are essential to targeting -- what's your position. This weather and drone strikes. Also. Why they can the -- -- -- And I think we should remind -- -- -- So -- -- being. Close attention. So we read read me. We won the American social American friends to understand these concerns. Over August and Pakistani people. One of the concerns that people have raises. -- said that Pakistan has become a client state to. Do you see that as the relationship. I think. We have a -- in their current relationship. -- -- -- -- So humanities. Course we. Also warned there are so many to be suspected. And I think because this relationship can only -- -- to -- If you follow that. What's the first thing you'll do. If you're elected. Dean would the economic crisis -- -- and this is number one priority in the I think if we do that successfully. Crude -- -- total about problems in this country you can militants -- -- an economic issues. Yes of course. That's one made. -- of course -- have any message to the American people if you could speak directly to the yes thank. You extend. -- Warm. Regards good wishes for the people of America. Nations should -- and it sparks and wants to. Have pretty friendly ties with -- you've had long. Created -- -- Decades ago this friendship started and being. It is the site easier ups and owns. This is -- -- on this relationship. As. As there has existed for almost no sixty fight. So. -- might be in my endeavor. -- -- strengthen this relationship. And if I come back into office the people of this country make -- Six me. -- He's sincere efforts. We'll be. Mickens and understanding -- and establish. A new lineup of would protect him. And -- and pictures. On a personal level this must be special -- because there are many in the country would have said no he there's no way he would return to politics. Who would say that people in the country -- any of the events of the last 1015 years yes yes that that's that's -- And I was exaggerated it I was excited by Mr. -- -- -- was seventy years. It would mean dungeon for fourteen months. And I haven't been able to understand the reason for that. Even in -- does it feel -- knowing. What what what he did to me. I have no question. Rendered. To us afterward Mr. -- And so. I forgive him what he did against me you -- yes. I think we want to move forward. Just as we're getting. I do wanna just touched -- -- -- -- -- which has militants it's you know with an American audience I think that I could -- Oregon for that. And and pay. I have given so much of -- that you would have no problem and and he's making good on Manson -- should happen again we appreciate your time -- we know this is very busy period. And before seeing you again I have certain.

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{"id":19151530,"title":"Nawaz Sharif: From Dungeon to Campaign Trail","duration":"3:00","description":"Pakistan's former prime minister was jailed as part of a military coup in 1999.","url":"/International/video/nawaz-sharif-from-dungeon-to-campaign-trail-19151530","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}