Nelson Mandela's Global Impact Remembered

The New School's Dr. Sean Jacobs reflects on how Nelson Mandela's impact transcended the borders of South Africa.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Nelson Mandela's Global Impact Remembered
Assistant professor of international affairs at the new school in New York City doctor Sean -- talk a little bit about -- the transformation of South Africa has seen. You were born and raised there you've talked there is well when you see that kind of reflection and that kind of impact. That Nelson Mandela made how does that how does that translate. I'm I'm getting a little goose and Olson whose phones and I was born in South Africa when when and imprisoned about five years as -- -- -- my child who. -- an -- people in my. And the spin on top it was a terrible plays about time. So when I was about twenty why -- came out of prison. And as of somebody who benefited from veterans is and that kind of -- opportunity held. Created and again I think Obama emphasizes and Mandela when he was alive emphasize -- too. What his team was not just him but he was a movement of people you know it wasn't just one man a singular person would absolutely great authority or -- -- Way of speaking there was a movement that made this happen so seeing this today and I agree. On Twitter if you're following onto an unfeasible it's definitely a celebration of the -- slave at times somber and at times seems -- two -- If you look at the impact -- South Africa has made it not only obviously within the country itself but obviously to the larger international community as well. Could you ever imagine that having that experience that you had growing up. That a man like Nelson Mandela for the reconciliation. For the forgiveness that he had been so driven by would have that kind of an impact. And it was clear -- 1970s. And ignited and it is over -- sense of insights on Africa. On the Nelson Mandela as a personality -- taken on you know -- proportions that he was a world leader people have names for resulting in confront -- on and you know schools in New York I think there's a school it in and invest in western part of -- end of the -- again. So yeah he's he was already a world leader about a time -- came out of prison. 11 understood he's placing these treatment I think it's over time and -- hindsight you realize. There this African movement was unique movement. -- -- -- the world behind. You know this atrocity that happens with the majority of people there. A Nelson Mandela became sort of figurehead of movement I think that's -- that that was a deliberate strategy on the part of the NC and it seemed to worked. Oven and and I think it also partly some of his -- qualities help. And so the result is what we see today speaking of some of those. Qualities how strongly -- to think guide. The that the the guidelines and the direction of the government in South Africa and now. -- to some extent. I think there's still that the ANC people forget the agency's amassed swollen it is not as one person so Jacob -- country and people who watched. The live feed. May have noticed that. Half of the -- what we -- him. That people weren't listening or that they were leaving but on the other -- has also others who understand the putts and cuts and national movement. Rather than to one person -- to move -- -- that lasted. You know hundred -- already. It it's. Clearly I think in this in the next election which is coming up next few -- we will see that there are differences within -- party -- -- -- unhappy with the direction of the ANC. I think there's going to be is going to be interesting to see -- -- it's -- it's it's hard to predict. On but I get a sense that -- going to be a fight. Over the what is the ANC. I think would Nelson Mandela gone this will be the first election since the end of apartheid that we won't have been competing for the insists the last of its and they still trotted him out. But this will be the first of -- -- we won't see anyone. And war. However having studied Nelson Mandela and his work so closely as which you have. And you see the impact that he is made on other world leaders and as we've just caught that moment there -- the president shaking hands with pro Castro Cuba. A moment that was caught right in time at this particular ceremony. Do you -- -- the legacy of Nelson Mandela having that kind of an impact 203040. Years from now. An investment once again a functional we'll pragmatism if you are president of I think he was very principled. And I think people -- -- -- -- When he needed to use you know violence to. Come to -- ends at the same time when you realize that violence was not the way. To get -- -- to the next level to move towards a democracy and to bring on board blacks whites on Africans he moved on and I think it's that. That's -- that's that's the VV -- for the people of Miami and I think that's what people can see you again.

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{"id":21161399,"title":"Nelson Mandela's Global Impact Remembered","duration":"3:00","description":"The New School's Dr. Sean Jacobs reflects on how Nelson Mandela's impact transcended the borders of South Africa. ","url":"/International/video/nelson-mandelas-global-impact-remembered-21161399","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}