Queen Steps Aside for Son, And It's Not Elizabeth

Netherlands' Queen Beatrix will abdicate her throne to make way for eldest son.
1:41 | 01/29/13

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Transcript for Queen Steps Aside for Son, And It's Not Elizabeth
A popular female monarch. And -- son he stepped aside for free pass to -- the next generation. No -- isn't in this is the net it. It -- -- bank the nation's food Queen Beatrix three days shy of 75. Told -- nation to abdicate to a sons Willem Alexander. Who become the netherlands' first -- since the 1890. Days he was once known as of losing -- -- But since he married Argentinian Maxima. He and his three little princesses have become more popular. Just like Beatrice. She's known as queen -- is considered down to earth. For families always been willing to step aside. -- Texas mother and grandmother both abdicated their daughters. But don't expect the same thing in Britain. LeMay. -- Prince Charles has been heir to the throne since he was -- he's waited longer than anyone in British history the 64 year old knows he's not getting any room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he also knows his mother has no plans to step down he considers her job God's mission. Which means he's content to wait and sometimes busy himself with less important tasks. The potential for a few flurries of the bill -- -- that the ripped his fifth. Now -- -- prince Charles's family have pretty good genes the queen is in good health that 86 her mom with 201. -- Charles -- a -- to wait. The prince Willem Alexander listed on the thrown just 45 years old in two months time. Picture for an ABC news London.

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{"id":18345623,"title":"Queen Steps Aside for Son, And It's Not Elizabeth","duration":"1:41","description":"Netherlands' Queen Beatrix will abdicate her throne to make way for eldest son.","url":"/International/video/netherlands-queen-beatrix-abdicates-throne-to-royal-son-18345623","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}