Next Pope: Let the Religious Race Begin

Top contenders for the papacy include cardinals from Ghana, Canada and Italy.
1:37 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for Next Pope: Let the Religious Race Begin
This morning that the race begins a 120 cardinals politicking to lead the largest religious body on earth. They'll choose -- 21 century Pope who tweets travels and speaks a handful of languages the new Pope. Has to make it clear he is the pastor the universal church not just the bishop of Rome. And that something he can do now in the age of globalization. The new hope we'll have to inspire and unify a billion Catholics the religion simultaneously collapsing in the west and -- And South America and Africa. Which is why oddsmakers say this cardinal is one of the favorites Peter Turks and of Ghana would be the first black Pope. It's -- -- -- in depth on Africa or other top contenders include Canadian cardinal -- net. And Angelo Scola from Milan a familiar face for the mostly European cardinals. The balance has not shifted in the college of cardinals the people who will be electing the new -- So it will be interesting to see you know how closely to and they are. To the demographic shift in the Catholic Church cardinals could consider someone younger and healthier today the Vatican revealed 85 -- Benedict had a pacemaker. And recently changed its batteries although that played no role in his resignation. And this is his retirement home a monastery inside the Vatican where he'll return to his studies his role is going to be a very quiet one. And that's important so you don't have a situation of -- of two different -- at the same time. The -- folks should be elected by Easter and many people here are hoping that he leads the church out of its insular ancient ways into a more modern a more diverse world. -- -- for an ABC news Vatican City.

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{"id":18477209,"title":"Next Pope: Let the Religious Race Begin","duration":"1:37","description":"Top contenders for the papacy include cardinals from Ghana, Canada and Italy.","url":"/International/video/next-pope-let-religious-race-begin-18477209","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}