Nigerian kidnap victim: ‘Nobody can stop me with God on my side’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with two of the 276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria by Boko Haram in 2014, and discusses how they plan to move forward after the “Bring Back Our Girls” movement.
5:06 | 05/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nigerian kidnap victim: ‘Nobody can stop me with God on my side’
Bring back our girls it was a hash tag and social media movement after young girls in northeastern Nigeria were abducted by terrorists from their boarding school in the middle of the night. It rocked the world back in 2014. And now seven years later we catch up which some of these young ladies who managed to escape. In the northeast region of Nigerians flanked by the munger and mountains and the vast centerpiece of forest is born old state. Slogan is home of peace. But for the past twelve years into his being a far cry from any semblance of peace. We'll go hurrah. August terrorist organization had ties to crisis has made porno leaves home. Dave terrorized the region launching coordinated military style attacks forcing children most of them girls to become human bombs. According to the UND displays more than two million Nigerians. Back in 2014. The insurgency gained worldwide attention after they abducted nearly 300 girls from a boarding school in Schambach. The southern district of borne out. The kidnapping sparked an international. Outcry prompting a hash tags bring back our girls. This unconscionable. Act. Was committed by kids here is group. Determined to keep these girls from getting an education on the eve of the final exam in the middle of the night as many of the girl slept the terrorists invaded her kidnapping them. In house both of all means western education is forbidding. Denied an education there were reports that many of the girls were being forced into marriages. Boca rot releasing propaganda videos in an attempt to win over Nigerian hearts. It inactive this science students like Naomi abdominal managed to hide journals originally given to them for koranic study. But ultimately used as a beacon of hope and through the pages are lined with notes to their families as well as firsthand accounts of their time at camp. They said boom and how many of you will turn to Muslim. So many of us because of fear. Some of us stand up and went inside. So they said. The rest that remained. You want to die is that why you don't want any Muslim. We are going to burn you. Just over life in Vogel who are on captivity was a very battling for me and we were treated like slaves. We even had to resort to using stands to clean up whenever we had our menstrual cycle. Knee only spent three long years in captivity before finally making her escape. To date more than half of the kidnapped girls have been released. Joy Bishara ingredient coal group were classmates of Naomi and were seventeen and fifteen respectively on the night in the attack. Most girls described praying before taking a leap of faith jumping from the trucks used to transport the girls on the night they were kidnapped. How to teach so wanted to die we'll go this even knowing what they will be doing a bit me so I just say that I chose a bag summoned. Perez collapsed and its timing cops. On the slower than to go with Lindsey Graham not known for flamboyant political never signed it and it. The just last week they graduated from southeastern university in Florida. How typical was the transition to coming to America and me. Exactly the same thing that happened seven years ago is still going on today. You could still dying everyday from under road to attack from Bogor her arm and every bit. Seventy years and though. I was stopped all area is so let's have a problem. So it is mullah difficulty just do act. Sonet in a packed sinful human and it's actually still going on the prospect of bringing about change. Let's push Julien Lydia forward. They told me a good angle that does the leg couldn't continue my education that education is taboo. The last 86 mile IO and I decided that it's I actually wanted to become a doctor I have to go to sleep and acts happening. And I can't wait till Bard to just give it out just because it has been in the head. Its missile great excited and dad when I was walking on the stage thank you. Nothing can stop me when my legs and they had to get this degree ambling into view who I don't want to be nobody can stop me. Yeah I you. Is. What general rule. Yeah and now weighing one in.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with two of the 276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria by Boko Haram in 2014, and discusses how they plan to move forward after the “Bring Back Our Girls” movement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77545495","title":"Nigerian kidnap victim: ‘Nobody can stop me with God on my side’","url":"/International/video/nigerian-kidnap-victim-stop-god-side-77545495"}