North Korea 'Can Outcrazy' US, Nuke Expert Says

Nuclear weapons expert Joe Cirincione on rising tensions between both nations.
1:50 | 04/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Korea 'Can Outcrazy' US, Nuke Expert Says
National rallies like this continued in North -- small towns and cities. Not just soldiers but students in factory workers are -- denouncing the US. And promising to sacrifice their lives to protect their dear leader Kim -- could. -- I cannot stand it anymore we're scared of nothing -- student -- State television repeated this while -- video of soldiers and their families sweat and emotion for the man controlling the world's fourth largest military. Satellite images show he's now got to -- to -- missiles on -- -- launchers and hidden them along the eastern coast. Pyongyang has never launched this type of missile before but the theory is they will go ahead with the test launch. The missiles have a range of 2000 miles not enough to reached -- US mainland but within reach of American military bases in Okinawa and possibly want. In response the US -- to missile defense systems to swamp. And South Korea deployed to warships equipped with advanced radar systems on both of his -- experts say this game -- -- ships and missiles is a dangerous one that can easily lead to a miscalculation. There's no way we can win this game with counter threats they get out crazy yes the big question is what is art plan. If they launched those missiles in the United States is in a tough position its anti missile interceptors are also. I'm tested -- fired had they not bio. As if to cement their determination Pyongyang today asked foreign embassies there to consider evacuating stuff. They stayed their safety cannot be guaranteed in case of a conflict after April 10. Why that date we don't know but experts here believe the missile launch will be around April 15. The day his grandfather and the founder of North Korea was born to -- Joseph ABC news so.

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{"id":18889548,"title":"North Korea 'Can Outcrazy' US, Nuke Expert Says","duration":"1:50","description":"Nuclear weapons expert Joe Cirincione on rising tensions between both nations.","url":"/International/video/north-korea-can-outcrazy-us-nuclear-weapons-expert-says-18889548","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}