North Korea Makes News With Dennis Rodman, Fax Machine

The country's military threatens South Korea via fax, while a former NBA star pays a visit.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for North Korea Makes News With Dennis Rodman, Fax Machine
This is a special room. I'm neighbors in new York and this -- ABC news digital special report. Another busy day on the Korean Peninsula the north has again threatened to strike the south. This time in response to a series of protests against the regime. Meantime Dennis Rodman is in Pyongyang again holding tryouts for basketball team that he says -- play an exhibition game against NBA veterans next month. On Kim Jong son's birthday here's Rodman talking about his North Korean friends. This -- pretty cool and -- -- cool -- understand what's going through. But the political stuff. That's our -- component adventure. I was don't -- think he's kissed her and for this country and my country and for the world pretty much. The whole world doesn't seem to be watching among those keeping an eye on Rodman. Joining us now from Washington ABC news political director and basketball in the easiest Rick Klein. So -- -- looking pretty comfortable there today holding court putting the North Korean players through their paces. -- there any evidence anywhere that he's representing anyone there. Other than while Dennis Rodman. Warm diplomacy I think is a function entirely of Dennis Rodman's imagination. He is obviously -- something of a friendship with the North Korean leader he's been used before this is of course not the first of these -- to the country. And I think that the view of the world community it certainly from American officials is that he is being used as a pawn to. Paper over the atrocities the the mishandling. Some of the recent headlines involving an assassination. The uncle of the current leader so I think this is Dennis Rodman freelancing there's no evidence to suggest that is anything other than that. He's making -- a number of trips there and I think in each of these instances. You can see that there's a sense of propaganda that surrounds a lot of these photos are a lot different than what you normally see in the news coming up North Korea. And -- Rodman was asked today how the North Korean players stacked up against America's best. Here's his answer. -- -- on they have. A Tony you can skills. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plus what really really cool -- actually shoot. But you know would. You know he only issued to B a superstars and Arnold you know you're gonna go and -- -- it sounds like the Americans are gonna have to be defending the perimeters. Any idea who if anyone will actually be traveling to Pyongyang accepting this invitation for that game. We do not I'd imagine that we're only talking about former NBA players kind of washed up stars if anyone Dennis Rodman though -- even admitting he's having trouble finding enough enough men to join him on the trip I think there's an understandable. Fear about travel into the country so finding finding a former NBA star who's willing to make that trip -- be part of rod and his entourage Rodman was a -- guy when he -- a player to say the least. And now is a post player and I think any assessor North Korean sports has to remember again the propaganda in these things the current leaders. Father Kim Jong -- He actually was said to have completed a round of golf once in eighteen strokes all holes in one. So I don't know that we we can have an objective analysis of -- exactly how good North Korean basketball list. Of course the White House says that it has nothing to do it Rodman's trip but is exactly what they would say even if they did. Not a conspiracy theories began oh over and over again -- no I think I think that there's a little bit of deny ability here that seems plausible to me. Only in that I can't imagine that -- -- passing any kind of CIA background check I think if he was being used as some kind of a secret operative. I have no doubt that the Americans are very interest in what he's learned over there that they need wanna talk to him and to other people that traveled with him. But the idea of Dennis Rodman as a as a secret undercover agents the United States government seems to me a little it out of the realm of the likely. Now this spectacle -- of course the north Koreans have issued a very serious threat to the south sending a message via fax of course to Seoul earlier today in response to a series. A very angry protests there against the regime in the north -- seriously does the White House take this kind of thing. Well that's just it and that's where the Rodman diplomacy is potentially harmful from the American perspective is that. This isn't -- time -- to to engage in photo ops and in humanizing elements of what the regime is doing in North Korea. This is serious bluster and every time a country with a nuclear weapon makes these kind of noises about about a neighbor. American officials have always thought that the current regime is unstable there isn't a current strong foot hold on power. You have a leader trying to establish himself so the fact that he's trying to establish himself and establish itself in the international community. And back at home with visits like mister Rodman's and those of other potentially other former NBA players. None of those things that are welcome to people are worried about how close -- finger is to the nuclear button. ABC news political director Rick Klein thank you very much for a report on all things Rodman and the latest on the North Korean threat stay right here on This. News digital report I'm Mary -- in New York.

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{"id":21291669,"title":"North Korea Makes News With Dennis Rodman, Fax Machine","duration":"3:00","description":"The country's military threatens South Korea via fax, while a former NBA star pays a visit.","url":"/International/video/north-korea-makes-news-dennis-rodman-fax-machine-21291669","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}