Notre Dame fire investigation continues

French authorities have talked to workers involved in construction at the cathedral.
3:50 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Notre Dame fire investigation continues
And we're moving on to our lady the notre dam of parents. The community is looking forward now with the prime minister announcing a competition for the new use fire that burned. And toppled to the ground during the massive blaze this week so. I wanna go to Mikki K in Paris with more. And Mikey Dee can you just tell us the latest on the investigation of how this all happens. Or how it may have happened. Yes shall hi Kimberly it's just boss bike BM labels on Munich coming up to nearly 48 hours off left. Catastrophic blaze took all the good they don't know of the battle. I'm that the investigation is really taking a number of different aspects closely. That was a prayer is Ian fire brigade service press from as a softening. That's still very much looking into the areas of the cathedral whether the hate enough why it was the most intensive I want to make sure all the bad enough fire isn't gonna break out again that's really important. They did refuse. On some requests and only pay. Pay multi sends up about something that would that the certainly people are looking into. I'm I'm then there's also the aspect of the Paris prosecutor the past prosecutor now. I was interviewed up to thirty people many of those workers of the other like construction companies that we're involved in the restoration. Before the Barbara cal and in this sort of the final bit of inspection if you like. Will be investigation which is really looking at the external structure of the get there it'll just to see. How the mineral publicists of the star Linda looks okay from the outside but how actually the has really been effective because there are all sorts of estimates flying around. And sent to the rebuilt on some from Syria is all the way out the plug is plus. Yet I just want to talk about all of the money that's being raised to rebuild it which is very positive almost one billion dollars being raised yes. Nearly one billion dollars a phenomenal amount you've go grieves like LVMH. Art Laurie out. You've got to console oil all French companies. Koppel live shift in. Com a Walt Disney. Company which is ABC news's parent company they've chicken so it wouldn't appear ready a trillion dollar sale high seas could soon. Professor how would mess up. There is an American a Californian. But it's hit and pass at the moment he's actually involved in the cultural Harris carriages section take a listen to what he said. One of the things that I think is actually staggering it's just that it's exiles. Off to this catastrophic fund has been nearly one billion US what was pledged what companies like LB makes Oreo. Hotel even apple a sort of this as people involved in the business isn't surprising thing. It's absolutely astounding this doesn't happen for other types of disasters in the disasters in other types of buildings I would attribute some of it. To this being such an old 500 year old. Building and very much a symbol of parents in the very center here oversee the religious components and yes yes yes and yet it with the religious. Building you will seen greater. Numbers of contributions. Larger contributions. In with a non religious building with a non religious building. Everyone expects the government took kitchen. And carry the weight with small amount of crowd funding on top of that. But with religion. He gets people really. You know result Kimberly is really important to remember how long it both these huge organization these huge groups of pitching in millions of millions of dollars. It's also important to recognize the thousands of contributions and donations would come from local people. Of to a 100000 dollars in excess of 101000 people regard for me complaints is really important to. Just sort of recognize how significant the contributions off from rule sections of society as well Kimberly back to you. Thank you so much Mikey.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"French authorities have talked to workers involved in construction at the cathedral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62462718","title":"Notre Dame fire investigation continues","url":"/International/video/notre-dame-fire-investigation-continues-62462718"}