Oscar Pistorius Staying at Uncle's Mansion After Being Released on House Arrest

ABC News' Terry Moran and Liezl Thom report from Pretoria, South Africa.
13:02 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Staying at Uncle's Mansion After Being Released on House Arrest
Hi everyone I'm on an advise in New York we're gonna take you live now to the latest from South Africa. Where Olympian Oscar historian has just been released after serving just shy of one year a five year sentence for the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Christine Hamm. Back in 2013. Were joined by ABC's Terry ran and lethal Tom been covering the trial and have the latest. On his release today Terry in these are obviously the rest of the world was riveted by the and now he's been released was this an inevitability. Where did this come as a shock to people there. I think it's fair to say. All that this was an inevitability you may remember that. That Oscar the stories was convicted but not of murder of about lesser charge culpable homicide and that meant. He got a five year sentence and leave who's an expert here on the look and correct me but under south African law. You get. An opportunity to be released from prison after serving 16 of your sentence well that's done. And so. He's in this house behind us and that is. In keeping with south African law but it. Shop especially to those people who felt so strongly. About this case about this crime the death of a beautiful young woman resisting camp. Admittedly at the hands of Oscar historians. Who said he thought he was firing at an intruder. And the reaction to his release is in keeping with the strong emotions around this case. Yeah I think that the South Africa is exceedingly comply death. Between us the support this and we have seen and support this and they beat us seem fanciful. I'm up in palm. Now those not the people who petitioned the minutes that when the story is listening to be released two months ago. They went to the minister with a petition saying we as women we support as a freak skiing camp. Cannot allow him to come out there isn't anything you can do the minister and we expect he saw what they want it to me and that he and he was put the Mets have back to the parole. A lot of it of the law. He does have a right. To be released on parole which on house arrest which areas read. And you guys are standing in front of some pretty impressive digs there that's where he's going to be serving out those four years of house arrest what do we know. About this house. It's very large and and I think that's the first thing one wants to say. Infected massive. As these with saying he's editor house arrest is under mansion arrest here. This is his uncle's home. And so this is where he has. Com to serve out the remaining four years. Of his sentence. It is an eye on this at one of the nicest neighbors I've ever seen is like Bel Air outside of Los Angeles. Maybe you have the Hamptons outside of New York gigantic homes. Beautifully manicured. Grounds and lawns this is a very nice place to be. Behind bars. It isn't very big profits the end almost petite is also full house in which the story as well let. So even though they as a very big girl's family house at his disposal. Andy unfold on it's only been very support took off in. From what we understand the story is will be staying find itself in the pool house. Some legal can you tell us a little bit more about the details of house arrest and he come and go from a property if he's free to leave to. I don't know run errands or or penned. Church store or anything at all or is he is confined to eBay's. Pretty significant the property for the duration of his house or. I'm not the exact. Conditions of his release has nothing my company. But if previous cases that off whip Tom not anything to go on the story as will be flown to the mission to go to work. To go to church. Possibly to Alice the weeks to do something. And they've people also be required to do some kind of a community so this. What it's sexy back with the we went into those the departments of great field services. It's not releasing those. As a family as reins of the story is say I'm not going to make that puppet a full justice to protect him as well because. I am sure they opt people who if they knew that the story as has to do community service at some museum might just help him. My hand and it should be noted as well. That that general condition of house arrest that you can get out to go to church and to go to work well let's remember what Oscar stories his work kids. Track and field training and out of the question infected feed it may be a likelihood that at some point in the near future we'll see him on the truck. Just to give folks a sense of the scale of this place I think a lot of people are wondering. How different life is going to be now compared to. When he was living in print and you guys mentioned that this actually used to be at church is that right. This used to be it should and they have Philip to expel it's a massive place. And think you mean if he's Kia are a far cry. From the hospital section of the present we he had to apply to have a bomb off. Yes they several options for my gun December hasn't been in concept and but from what I understand they off several boxes with box with Jay it's jacuzzi bath. And this just. In that could not it's a waiting game to be a massive difference another difference no doubt is going to be the kind of say that the story is will be served. Because in prison prison food is really consisting of May's heart rate and break from what I'm told by inmates. Yet he is saying to have. Anything his half. The zionists. And wine and beer and whatever else and and the opportunity to train here as well heat we saw pictures of Oscar stories. In the prison gym one of those fellow inmates from a little cell phone video of him and released that but he'll be able to start. The road back if that's what he wants to do right and so. Carrie I'm curious from your time covering the trial now add I think it hard to imagine that people won't hear about these. Won't. Think back to the man who was once one of the most beloved and admired athletes in the world. And seek the skies getting special treatment that most people don't get they've kind. Treatment after they have fatally kill someone. Well it depends on on whether that homicide whether that killing. Is a murder it is a crime and in this case the judge having heard all the evidence that there's not enough to prove that he intended. To kill that it was a kind of horrific. And negligence. Was it was reckless in his use that firearm but he didn't. Ten. Truck goes by the hearing in South Africa as the United States that's not murder. That's not murder play there are I've covered cases in the United States not not very dissimilar. Someone shooting through a door at Halloween. Thinking that that trick or traders on the other side were home invaders and killing one of them. And that. A jury in Michigan found in the case that I covered was a homicide he only served two years in prison so. It depends on what the law it is the outrage over this. He is really outrage. Over the fact that. The prosecution was not able to prove under the law the murdered people think this man did. I'm not what is most important is to amendment that today in exactly two weeks time. The prosecution will take this match up on appeal they want prints the supreme Court of Appeals. Saying that touched the fifa who convicted the story as an account of culpable homicide that's teen missing in tip but tipped them know. And that the supreme Court of Appeals to meet the edits to make sure because you know the prosecute to. Cheapest date is recommend this story FM. Things off seemingly rebounds to you have. Of course the stories from the way as. Saying that the first little mistake we'll have to the time when they try and bring this appeal according to two that the saints try and bring it. Is to convince. The five judges off the Supreme Court. That they if in fact and a few to be it because I'm just south African middle and I'm sure this is the case is in many countries. Once you've been. One victim of a case you cannot be convicted. I'm a similar time yes normally the states than any appeal if could be a Hughes was quick exit in this case that was knocked acquittal they was. A guilty verdict will be at an and they some chops. And and is that there's in the United States is. It almost never happens. For prosecutors to appeal an acquittal in the United States if you found not guilty in that city walk out of the courthouse in your free man. It in the south African system prosecutors on a matter of law they think the judge got the law wrong. Can bring an appeal. So if that appeal is to go through and if it's seen through to its conclusion what does that mean for the possibility of Oscar victorious. Maybe even going back to Christine could that happen. That is one of the possibilities. It is knocked a foregone conclusion. This will have to be decided by the five Supreme Court judges. But one of the possibilities they canned hunt says that. Is to change the day dates to one of the death and saying he might have to spay and up to fifteen years in prison of course. They. Extenuating circumstances which could be Gibson did come to that. That he shoots of place but it is one of the possibilities. They many possibilities and that the payments and who you listen to when they you listen to the prosecution side. Or subject to the defense of sides. Which wade the smoke that. There is is since I think it's an uphill battle for prosecutors. To get a murder conviction now. On appeal. Put against. Oscar whose stories it's not a long shot but it's a struggle for them to do some good win but stay tuned. Well you guys will know the rest of the world was riveted by details of the trial has his release gotten much attention to whether or just a bunch of TV cameras and reporters camped outside next heat there. Are there is there did I would go to media circus. Maybe I think the best thing to call it is media show of force. Others. It's not as crazy as it was a thing during the trial or during other trials. This case could generate worldwide. Interest in part because as you mentioned on the cost the stores such an inspiring figure. A man who overcame. So much and brought. I knew kinda liberation to people who are living with disabilities you can do this to that was the message of his life. And not just people who disabilities but to the rest of us as well. And to see him full into into this tragic. Circumstance. Where by his own hands in his own admission kills woman lots of beautiful young woman with her life had ever. That is the stuff of great drama. Great. Moral substance as well and therefore great worldwide interest. Piles I think there is no I've the wood to describe this but. Expect it wasn't at CA tragedy it's a tragedy for the scheme kind of family of who lost big beautiful store. But it's also a tragedy for Oscar the story as who was the post employee for the London Olympics. If you think about the London Olympics EC at triumph some thoughts with us of the story is with the south African flag. Blazing behind him. Jeff come to this. Is nothing short of tactic. That's ABC's Terry Moran and lethal Tom reporting live for us from Pretoria South Africa fascinating details a very. Long fall for and that former Olympian Oscar historians and of course the drama. Seems to be far from over so we will follow up with that as we know more. Thanks so much for joining us here at ABC news.

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