Oscar Pistorius Trial

Testimony contradicts Olympic athlete's defense in murder trial of girlfriend.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Trial
This is a special room. -- company -- the CBC news digital special report trial of the century that is what south Africans are calling. The case of Oscar historians for the murder of his girlfriend -- -- count. The blade runner as he is called an Olympian 2012 London games and paralympic gold -- star in South Africa and boyfriend. To -- -- -- south African paralegal a model reality television star shot dead. Through a door and the stories own story says it was all acts -- -- thought. There was an intruder in his house and in court this week the story -- Seen as distraught crying and getting sick at one point during witness testimony the trial the first to be televised. History. And a lot of testimony so far -- focused on the screen the neighbors say they heard the night of the killing most of the your witnesses. So far saying the -- sounded like a woman's story -- lawyers say that the woman -- -- was actually the stories themselves but today. The blade runners ex girlfriend one he had dated before -- -- and disputed that -- That BP schemes and -- very anxious he sounds like a woman. That is not -- sounds like a man. So that is the testimony that has been -- -- -- for more on that and so far in the case. -- -- -- ABC news legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams. Where that down and today's statement from his ex girlfriend completely disputing the defense's argument. What it does to some degree. And it also helps -- -- to some degree as well you're right. This question of whether there was a scream is is crucial in this case if there was an argument. Any scream from Revis dean -- -- before the shots were fired it's hard to see how Oscar for stories is he guilty because his position is there was no argument. I thought it was an intruder I walked -- maybe I scream because I was nervous I was scared. But if they if this judge believes that there was a fight. Followed by those shots it's hard to figure out how he's not guilty now the other reason that I say though. That some of -- helped was. They seem ex girlfriend said that he was often afraid of intruders he'd often talk about this idea that there might be an intruder in the house why is that important. We get -- is defense. His defense is that he thought it was an intruder in his home that he jumped up. Went into the bathroom and -- accidentally. Shot into that door but this week. The testimony of these -- witnesses is just. Crucial -- you have this consistency in their accounts of hearing and argument. So it's not just a matter of whether it sounded as if it was a female scream or mail -- and also the screen was even -- all because I understand. There's also been discussions had about the distance between these houses well look it -- defense wants -- to poke holes right the defense wants to say. If you heard a scream it was Oscar -- story -- and you probably couldn't have heard a scream anyway at least for part of some of them because it was so far away. But if there are two people. Yelling. That it can't tested an Oscar -- -- so than if this judge believes that there was an argument going on it doesn't matter. If that scream was a woman or a man there were two different people screaming. An Oscar for -- is in vitro. There is also an accusation of infidelity. What kind of an impact does that -- you know look it's certainly salacious right the allegation ex girlfriend basically saying that. They broke up when he started dating Revis -- camp. Deletes particularly significant in the context of the case if this -- a jury trial. It might be -- a little bit more significant with the jury kind of potentially holding it against him. But because it's a judge. Experience trial court judge I don't expect -- that's gonna have any impact on the fundamental question in this case which is. And it is it reason he's just defensive all reasonable. This idea that this story is thought it was an intruder. And look there are a lot of other details that are gonna come out in this case it could undermine the stories his claim as well so talking about the other side a prosecution. And what it is trying to describe as. An obsession with guns but the -- fact the day his extra for describing. An incident with police and hand firing. His weapon through the sunroof of a car and then there was an incident with his boxing Fran at a restaurant I want to play a bit about testament. Special parental scenario -- then -- -- -- just compete silence thousand shock. And I looked down on the floor and exactly where my foot was stationed me. There was back to Holland in the fool he's accused you and -- as saying he's. Today and just dissect which you are otherwise I don't any tension that I need to set -- -- So damn how critical is it that for the prosecution to build back kind of -- bill that -- of -- -- -- reputation -- kind of an image -- what what are the advantages the prosecutors have in this case is that. There's the murder charge but there's also a firearms charge. In connection with the -- this incident. And as a result they can bring in evidence is also some other weapons charges -- and other incidents so. They can then talk about his propensity. Team not just have weapons but -- shoot his weapon on. And if this were just a murder case they might not be able to bring in that other sort of evidence so prosecutors. Can as you point out. Discredit him say he's talk about how he's the type of guy who would shoot a -- in. In connection with those other charges. There's also some confusion on the sound of the gunshots. May to -- cricket bat here hitting the door I want to listen to some of the testimony -- this front now from a neighbor. I feel confident. -- don't so seldom -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes so what is the debate -- -- -- there were three gunshots and then a scream or that there were three gunshots or cricket bat breaking down the door at the defense is trying to pose questions about the sequence of events. Day remembered that the the prosecution's position is the you know shoot -- And kills her and then may be goes in to try and you know I get into the bathroom. With the -- cricket bat. But the you know the when it comes to the cricket bat basically saying maybe what you heard -- gunshots. But was the the cricket bat. As he sort of going in there and trying to you to rescue her -- from this bathroom. And -- four when you heard the screams. It wouldn't be quite as important right because the idea being that maybe after she shot not before she shot. You start hearing the screams. From him even potentially you know death screams from her after she's been shot. And so they want to have to pose that possibility. That those screens are only heard. After the shots and that there wasn't actually an argument proceedings issued its -- to me why there is such an important. Point being made right now about whether he was wearing his prosthetic legs the night of the shooting what kind of -- that plays -- initially prosecutors were saying this is a huge issue for premeditation. That they were saying that he had the time to go put on his prosthetic legs and and get into the bathroom and you're telling us this isn't premeditation. Well now we -- the prosecution is given up on that -- and they now believe he did not have on his prosthetic legs based on the angle of the bullet. That -- a little blow to prosecutors in terms of demonstrating premeditation. Remember under south African law to convict him of murder you don't need premeditation premeditation can certainly. Help them get -- a stiffer sentence. But under the murder -- -- South Africa he can still be convicted of murder even if there was no proved premeditation meaning there was an argument. In the heat of that are immediately after -- during it he shoots there. That still murder under south African law which is why win that argument occurred still remains. One of -- -- if that argument occurred and then when that argument -- yelling occurred. Becomes so important in the context this case Daniel watched numerous cases and it what do you make though his reaction -- the story is being distressed. Crying in fact and getting physically sick at one point during the test a look at what is it what it's a jury trial those -- -- details matter more right. We talk about how did the jurors react with the jurors looking Adam. How might impact them. When you talk about a judge trial it's not really gonna make much of the difference meaning. Look even if he did commit murder in connection with this case he's probably very upset about what -- He's -- very upset about how this is ended up for him so -- Whether he's he's tears in his. His emotion. Is the result of missing -- evo or being sorry for himself for whatever the case may be battling its gonna be that relevant. Because again this is a judge -- and that was the -- like throughout this week in the trial resumes again on Monday. We are expecting -- it's done it's done now for the week. And testimony will resume. I believe on Monday it will -- -- that ABC's Dan Abrams the latest on that Dan thank you for that of course. You can keep up with the latest right here on abcnews.com. And keep up with this story in real time. By downloading -- ABC news app and star in the story exclusive updates. On ago. And I'm Dan Cutler New York this ABC news -- special report. Who won't change. -- --

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{"id":22824535,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Trial","duration":"3:00","description":"Testimony contradicts Olympic athlete's defense in murder trial of girlfriend.","url":"/International/video/oscar-pistorius-trial-22824535","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}