Pampered Bunnies Live in Luxurious Hutch

Jason and Mairi Batterbee's pet rabbits live in a $15,000 hutch.
1:42 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Pampered Bunnies Live in Luxurious Hutch
Finally got that how our favorite story up the FDA. Boom there it is it's about two -- -- -- acting up in some pretty high tech -- so let's hear how -- like Jack yes whether pat comes with a stainless steel security cameras and even mood lighting -- -- and they are -- after the price tag on the dream can't -- Here's the BBC's Mike Higgins. This is -- and her friend to Burundi enjoying a -- with mold and a touch of cost. It has a beautiful red cedar -- stainless steel got -- And CC TV said that eye opener and -- build Jason back to be can check. On his pampered pets. Old touch which we had was -- to -- -- -- -- Pittman went coming up. Council wells hall left in the civil project date. With the the commission from the -- of course and she set -- ties to that's cool stuff and that. Jason and his wife -- also aren't too -- -- and two iguanas. Who enjoy the sounds of the jungle father and I thought. The -- which Jason reckons is worth about 101000 pounds also house lights. Pictures on the wool and -- Calgary's. Honey and running up the -- for bunnies. And everything is that it does not into Carrey's deal. And he cannot audiovisual system all no educators they have not yet but you never know in the pipeline that that. One possible improvement generation is considering his central heating cowed by segment -- Might begins BBC news.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Jason and Mairi Batterbee's pet rabbits live in a $15,000 hutch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"15123607","title":"Pampered Bunnies Live in Luxurious Hutch","url":"/International/video/pampered-bunnies-live-luxurious-hutch-15123607"}