Pet Hippopotamus Kills Farmer

Marius Els, 40, was mauled to death by his hippo in South Africa.
0:40 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Pet Hippopotamus Kills Farmer
This story out of South Africa should serve as a reminder that not all animals are meant to be -- forty year old army major -- is -- seen here with a five year old hippopotamus. He named Humphrey used to call the one point two time -- He rescued from a slide his own son. -- savaged a body was found submerged in the river where he once rescued -- He'd been bitten to death Els worked for years trying to domestic -- hit -- on his farm and free state province. Armed with giant -- ninety hippos are sent to kill more people each year. And lions leopards elephants buffalo and -- combined.

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{"id":14957023,"title":"Pet Hippopotamus Kills Farmer","duration":"0:40","description":"Marius Els, 40, was mauled to death by his hippo in South Africa.","url":"/International/video/pet-hippopotamus-kills-farmer-14957023","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}