Police will patrol Windsor on horseback during the royal wedding festivities

Thousands expected to hit the streets in anticipation for the wedding this weekend.
3:21 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for Police will patrol Windsor on horseback during the royal wedding festivities
Everybody at Adrian banker from ABC news and special guest with us today we thought we might talk to some of the official official people who will be working the streets during. The wedding of the year and could I have with me here it's him out on ten Tim Pollak officer Tim Wallach an officer Natalie. And and you guys on the beautiful steam do you have with this here we have Trojan and sorrow right now you're standing very very high up we decided to step on apartments that we could be his second level. But about how many hands hire these horses. But Tyson tries to sound writes he hands as the authorities to act. And then Charles that is IT. But. Very vehicles and they have to be big for the job that you do it correctly show it icy gives them tight bonds he succeeds in passing to count on them makes. You can have not some people have his wedding. So we need to make sure the site it Paramount. Hundreds I've received one month it's like there's a risk is. Two place. They're beautiful animals you you have 60000 people we've been told coming in by train but how many people are expected to line the streets for the sweating. It's just very hard to side. It's suspects in hundreds of thousands of and that includes management and the streets and to be packed a mean these are not streets like in America where we have highways and white streets near Windsor these are small streets. I mean we're going to be very very close of that carriage. You have to show. Ruby Skye known as the site in the east room meets that it took to the not far behind that he's he's going to be get very close to the gonna get Nixon you Harry makes taken across the field. How excited are they may be opposite Natalie could speak to this. When you talk to locals do locals come up to you did ask you lots of questions in the field and this is a friendly environment and then also how excited and anticipating a people about the sweating. Yeah. And it's. Plastic it well. I'm feed his pregnant friendly atmosphere and we just mean expected. Eight. And in for the folks who are coming in what some of the best advice you can give him just as officers working as an enemy. It is going to be a lot of people. I have sued the if you if you wanna get that basically going to come and and as people already coming in and but camping out niches that for that that they ski slope yet via voice is if you do what I have any policy and obsession. Really really heavy it is it is a rose. Not that it will be results. No sub public transports you gotta be bright spots as well with people coming filings. And stuff aside yet look at cited government ended up C. And again be respectful of the officers be respectful of their animals ended this is not a petting zoo these sources definitely are doing a job. As well as you off. If we show emotion I always in the Yates idea that massive thought GOP's right vampires and guide to golf communities. Much is a site yet we ought dig until we we don't see when streets and everybody and and people. And definitely on the site I tossed the mobile suits until C. We're looking off to the that the section rhinos and it comes to. Yet minutes of security issues Sally let them do their job stay out of the way but also say hello and good ways. From a the bridge between Windsor and eaten in England's Adrian bankers ABC news.

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{"id":55215023,"title":"Police will patrol Windsor on horseback during the royal wedding festivities","duration":"3:21","description":"Thousands expected to hit the streets in anticipation for the wedding this weekend.","url":"/International/video/police-patrol-windsor-horseback-royal-wedding-festivities-55215023","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}