Police, Protestors Clash in Turkey

Activists battle police in spray of fireworks, tear gas and water.
0:33 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Police, Protestors Clash in Turkey
Unfolding in -- -- we've got the latest video this is coming to us from Istanbul. Tens of thousands of protesters in -- -- -- of square. Have lit fires they set off fireworks they thrown stones there waving banners in response police have been firing tear gas rubber bullets and water cannons. Today's violence comes on the twelfth day of protests against the current government which protestors say -- has become increasingly look. Increasingly authoritarian. There are reports as many as -- thousand people have been hurt and that four people have died.

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{"id":19377468,"title":"Police, Protestors Clash in Turkey","duration":"0:33","description":"Activists battle police in spray of fireworks, tear gas and water.","url":"/International/video/police-protestors-clash-turkey-19377468","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}