Across the Pond: Amazon rainforest fires rage at record pace

Plus: Meghan Markle surprises charity amid private jet controversy.
5:43 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Amazon rainforest fires rage at record pace
Now to South America where right now fires are burning in the Amazon rainforest at a record pace Brazil's space research center which monitors fires. Reports an increase of about 80% from last year so what do go across the bottom markets more in our London bureau for more markets. Good morning. Yeah. Oh yeah. And I. What am I do on about what with the Texas boy doing inland a wrong turn on the hey I have a long way from Dallas but you passed up like I'm at home but they're great people here and down no we've been talking a lot about this sound at least buyers in it in Brazil and I know you've got to see the pictures. They're absolutely incredible pan and we now know according to the space agency that. We are seeing an 80% increase in the number of fires compared to last year and so we put them in the actual numbers that 73000. Fires almost 70000 fires burning. In the Amazon force right now and and those fires are sold intense. The drivers in Sao Paulo had to use their headlights. To drive around in the middle of the day in and listen to this guy Sao Paolo. It's 17100 miles away from where all of these fires are burning so. It is a huge deal and certainly a lot of people have been have been talking about this. And the our national institute for space research actually relied on satellite data to determine the number of fires that are burning right now. Which during this time of year they they happen. But not at this rate now critics have accused the Brazilian president dry air boss and RO of of paving the way for this by promoting. Deforestation. Instead of conservation so we're talking about logging and farming. And people are say that he is the reason we're we're seeing this increase number of fires in the Amazon won't force. Meantime the president he has a reply to this questioning the data. He as saying that they that they just don't add up and also. Without evidence he has said that you know his critics have been setting these fires to make him look bad again. No evidence to support that claim but the main concern right now is the fact that these fires are burning in the Amazon force a place that produces 20% of the world's oxygen. And that these fires could be accelerating climate change. She asked Marcus those are really startling and concerning images there are some. Back here England where you are duchess meg and marvel paid a surprise visit to charity and are rare instant Graham video. Yeah that's right you know we're always on our royal watch and Don bacon Markel was. But in London up promoting a charity clothing line and she posts and at this video on it's to ground. Very happy and and a deceiving the haven't a great time there. And that's what works a charity in this is a group. That up helps disadvantaged women. Attain skills and also clothing to find out the best job they can you don't live. We live Philly empowered and that's what she's a participating in. All but people here over across the pond have been kind of raising questions about her appearance of course it's always a spectacle when the royal show up somewhere. All but they're wondering about the timing of this because I guys. The royal couple they have banned getting a lot of criticism recently they've been called hypocrites. Because. As you know there have been major champions of of a reducing the carbon footprint in trying to get people to do their part. To help our reduce climate change at least the speed of it. Well. Over the past few weeks they've been criticized for using and taking for private jet flights. In the span of eleven days including a trip to he b.s. And also niece France. We spent time with the Elton John. One of his private the locations there and people are saying that's. This visit to the charity is perhaps an effort to. Potentially save face and Doug get past the criticism that they have endured over these past few weeks for. Again being called a hypocrites because usually. You'll see a laughing what I understand you don't see a lot of the royals in the month of August and so. I'm not only was this this visit a surprise and the fact that the royals were there that charity event but the fact that she would be there. In the month of August mean yeah. And that was normal here is still but nonetheless when you agree that her appearance I Bagger talking about her shoes there's and I looked great I think you'll. My guess you know I was really hoping. Give us these updates with an English accent so and oh yeah yeah. They have bus just I don't that you would just from. Listen it was a you know hung out with the with the one and only James lewd and yeah that it. Yet what you know I'm from College Station, Texas. I born and raised in Texas and yet into the accident right to what I've sent world from his lightweight winter classic College Station is like. Decent quality age how. Mechanical universe. And College Station. I won't drive so yeah they they'll get used to the the movements of the accidents and upland oh my god are there have been two prayer you aka cannot really get some tap water Somalia. We begin this hour remained Lowell took ought to be illegal in restaurant. Yes it's very fancy and improper here and I'm like hey I just want some tap wanted to. You know with my fish and chips that you. Estate markets are now in dallas' love iced tea I would imagine that they're gonna reject that all the equipment representatives. Yes there are Kool Aid yeah. I'm consensus on what I got market got blood on their promise. Thank you as good as the Bay Area.

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