Across the Pond: Boris Johnson voted next U.K. prime minister

Plus, Maduro calls Venezuela's blackout a "criminal attack" and a 5-year-old is rescued after dangling from a balcony in China.
3:35 | 07/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Boris Johnson voted next U.K. prime minister
Let's go across bonded Jill McFarland and New London or we have breaking news about the United Kingdom's next prime minister Juliet good morning. Good morning Kevin good morning tonight yes it is a another big man and in British history this morning we have just lunched. That as a widely expected to Boris Johnson is to be the next prime minister. All that the United Kingdom now would be electorate that has put him into office. Represents less than Hoffa has sent. All of the total number of people in the United Kingdom party member is all of the conservative and Unionist party. Have been very saying the last few weeks a calm a campaign. The run by Boris on that positive attained from Britain. And missed importantly taking the UK. Out of the EU. Now what he is not coming in to of us at an easy time. Even before the announcement was made a string of resignations was preemptively announced by. Cabinet ministers he's say they could nab a sub under Boris Johnson administration. Well written it's likely that he will have to remove bit UK at an EU without a trade deal without a political agreement. With thick EU. There's very little time remaining for him to somehow whack around the politics of backs businesses and the British public all waiting to see how this is can affect their lives. Definitely a big day for the UK I'm moving on to Venezuela where blackout at stake in the nation by surprise announced battle president equipment bureau. Is calling that a criminal attack. I'm city Kenneth vis how our cuts I deeply politicized by the government is very difficult thrust on this on exactly what is going on what we know. Is not eighteen out of the 23 states and Venezuela have soffit power shortages. And of course this comes at a time whether country is gripping with a deepening. Economic crisis. There been a number of power of power cuts the last few months there was one in mocks that lasted for a week. Or 23 states lost power and not a tie commit additional inches of power led to her riots and violence on the street another power attack. Sorry power cut in April. Lasted an if you allow is. But the government says at this is a cyber attack that this is a result of a foreign government. The opposition say actually that this is down to corruption and yet is of under investment but really important guys of course four million people have left Venezuela. Since turning fifty and according to the United Nations things are really really not looking good in that country. And nearly a back on the other side of the world incredible video out of China not a little girl who was dangling from the side of the Bill Lynch was rescued and is okay. But I mean breakdown force what happened here. Guys this. Rick quite a difficult video to watch actually what happened was this five year old go. In that that this and and that's Chinese county of Kwon non. Mother left her apartment to go get some great series and as you can see she fell through on the balcony but she was left dining from Hanna heads. How to head was sort of as you can see some of the railings on either side of head neck and she has left dangling that not show. How long fall but frankly firefighters managed to rescue her and they really have to win her out there's no way of extracting has say faint but just. Apps may be terrifying. I think we'll she is OK this morning they do or cry thank you so much we appreciate it. Thanks guys you two are.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Plus, Maduro calls Venezuela's blackout a \"criminal attack\" and a 5-year-old is rescued after dangling from a balcony in China.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64505699","title":"Across the Pond: Boris Johnson voted next U.K. prime minister","url":"/International/video/pond-boris-johnson-voted-uk-prime-minister-64505699"}