Across the Pond: Britain’s Supreme Court reviews Brexit move

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament under scrutiny after being struck down by a Scottish court.
3:25 | 09/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Britain’s Supreme Court reviews Brexit move
So now to the United Kingdom where all eyes are on the Supreme Court there considering whether prime minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament for five weeks to push through his Brett exit plan. Was lawful. Those go across the pond to doing McFarland who is there at the Supreme Court on Monday from war Juliet good morning. Morning Ken n.'s morning man yeah I think can see quite a busy scene outside the supreme. Court win just on the corner from the Houses of Parliament. And as a lot of press sold was meeting at the Mets have protested just out of sight. And that's because the Supreme Court. Is just hearing. Two appeals with regards a team wrecks that as you say. Now Boris Johnson is possibly and a bit of hope more so because lost week hi the US Supreme Court to present and that's Goldman's. Rules and got his suspension of parliament was unlawful and that he'd misled the queen members of the opera house. Of parliament here in the UK they argue that by stones and actually wants to suspend parliament know what's for the reasons he gave in order to bring forth new legislation. Fox two. Five costs parliamentary scrutiny because this is all about that how I mean Gregg that deadline that it cost. I've heard saying. Now. That this I just have to tell you guys eleven out of the twelve Supreme Court justices have been the cold. Fax to hit this case outside legal. Some time I've been blessed I'm not just shaved. How important this is how the arguments on like me. To be very very finely balanced within expect. Decisions in the next. Couple of days. And Julie we talked yesterday about the prime minister referring to himself as the incredible Hulk. Others criticizing him as the incredible assault but he also got booed in Luxembourg people's livid about fat. Yeah man I should he concede. He's. Put away now that there was a mind just sort of wondering arrived just wet was standing right now he's dressed as the incredible Hulk. Wearing a belong in the wake. Leaving several we have ending the war zone with what happened yesterday Imus was done he is now on a cross court. Of trying to prove to European leaders even luck and thank yesterday. And he basically comes so it won't of course Thompson comes those a joint press conference with the look about him is that because he was surrounded by protested and I'm not attended that it would have been Calif that they had gone ahead. Outside enough vacation that making his teammates came and went. The premise of nothing back. But instead of main thing that. That statement in the goal is somewhat quiet. The press conference when heads and then of course you. Vitamin but tonight I just stick to making to avoid them and he would like sent. Now it looks Bob Knight it doesn't want it custody says. There's images. What are icy veins deep lake done quite well in bush stones in favor of a cousin put he's not getting. You know big bad Europe is ganging up including person this is why we need stock up and leave the EU say it. Fit depending on which side of the argument you are it's not necessarily about image full force Johnson kind of season has denied him a favorite pretty happy. It was high yes they went actually Julie my friend. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament under scrutiny after being struck down by a Scottish court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65662121","title":"Across the Pond: Britain’s Supreme Court reviews Brexit move","url":"/International/video/pond-britains-supreme-court-reviews-brexit-move-65662121"}