Across the Pond: Erdogan says Turkey captured Baghdadi’s wife, set to meet with Trump

Plus: Terrorism false alarm at Amsterdam airport, and a New Zealand lawmaker claps back with “OK boomer.”
4:42 | 11/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Erdogan says Turkey captured Baghdadi’s wife, set to meet with Trump
Now to Turkey where president herta Juan has announced that the capture of slain ice is leader Abu barker. Outback daddy's wife saying this actually happened back in June but he didn't make a big fuss out of it so let's go across the pond to brewer rover in the London bureau from more. Burn good morning so we know colonel on their throwing some shade of the US for leading what he calls. A communications campaign against and about Baghdad he's slain. Yet well I mean it's it's the pot calling the kettle black since he's waiting his own communications campaign in respects of revealing how much they've done to combat finance. And tracked down by daddy's family members he says actually is in double digits and number who try to cross into Turkey. This I think ahead of his meeting next week in DC is not a coincidence I think he's John to burnish his credentials. Author accusations that that on. Well thought out initiative militia initiative against Kurdish militia in northeast Syria. Could give rise to the return of I sis and I think he's pushing back on that means he's trying to sort of show that they also fighting iasis in the region. Diaper no moving on to Amsterdam and of big scare for the airport way and it seemed that the jet was in grave danger but it ended up. All being a false alarm. Well it he gives you some sense of just how. The heightened tensions that are off to Baghdad is killing actually a lot of people were expecting some sort of response. By Islamic state and I think they shows how nervous people out but the pilot was. Should get inadvertently this alarm after pressing a button in the cockpit on speculates on a present button to clean the windows or something. And doubt instead pressed a hijacked salaam and triggered this extraordinary responses people apple. Com gauze of apple was and locked out but it does show that there are systems in place us present some senses it's reassuring that this is what. Happens when this sort of thing is true that we can fit a bit safer perhaps. I'm before your bring out New Zealand's pass a law aimed at fighting climate change but there is a moment that's getting some attention wanna. Young lawmaker. Apparently clap back at the opposition so what does she say. Well she was a was doing a debate just being heckled and sheets had today doesn't heckling have looked like okay boom and he you can see it now. And the U tween T fifty I would be 56. Years old. Yates writes now the average age at this fifty seats in parliaments is 49 years old I can't enact. I current political institutions. Have proven themselves and called good cents. I have to say I. I slightly out of some coaches about this being a sort of at a bloom of myself so I think this terrible age discrimination embedded within this comment. What's happened to that sign went being old. Was suspected I mean frankly being old enough and I it was something that people used to value in the olden days no such out of respect due from the younger generation. It's not a flags is then known by certain people which I think is rather run faster perhaps is that tit for tat war of old verses young. How boomer we appreciate people who get old gracefully. We are gonna light opera be in a boomer anything now. A lot of respect for you Bruno there's certainly you know I care for young people let me tell you now you know go again to young people. Go young people young people go to be fair boomer you know millennial space a lot of challenges. You look at. Employment. Yeah you know. It's. I have decided by any measure let's face it. Murals that federal and you that'd be you can live a longer life I mean they're real they're all of them not let the world and sides as well. A. I well I. Hepburn I was laid down that take offense to that I now Iverson or you're saying about that is that big serious debate going on about the okay boomer. Ensembles say that we have taken it too far it was is me to be a joke but I do you also see there's some valid points and there. And I would never want to disrespect Bruno because I don't know how are we are huge fan wears jets fans thank you we thought yeah age with your sons are allowed but it. What like other county all of them. Go check governor rovers hence the grant because it is fantastic that lets it. I'm black kinda say one thing I also I think what it is all about is about being a human being to being an old human being. Opening a young human being either way we all Shas we have more in common that we do I'm difference I think that should be celebrates its. Net and gals were particularly from burger wrote a message think you for joining us this morning good to see anybody. And so that's a question of today what do you think of the OK boomer response. House of commons to its ABC news lives we want to hear from him.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Plus: Terrorism false alarm at Amsterdam airport, and a New Zealand lawmaker claps back with “OK boomer.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66816413","title":"Across the Pond: Erdogan says Turkey captured Baghdadi’s wife, set to meet with Trump","url":"/International/video/pond-erdogan-turkey-captured-baghdadis-wife-set-meet-66816413"}