Across The Pond: Fiery emergency landing in Moscow

Plus, a UN report's dire warning about mass extinction, and Thailand crowns its king.
4:46 | 05/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across The Pond: Fiery emergency landing in Moscow
Lesson learned let's go across the pond that ABC news London bureau or Chilean McFarlane. Be keeping an eye on that tragic crash landing and Moscow at least 41 people were killed in massive fire on board. And Julie we know that investigators are now at least releasing. Some idea of what they think may be to blame. Hey guys in yes prime minister to meet humid today dent that boarded this special. Investigation this criminal probe. Into what may have cores to this tragic accident. We've just been hearing T tells of some. Series. Dot Russian. Investigations. Yeah yeah yeah legend of death FBI. A still what you through some theories of what may have happened but what we do know is actually up takeoffs. This plane it's an Arab floods seeing coy super jet 100 its commercial and lineup I was kind of. Under eighteen people went study minutes off to take colts from a Moscow have put it sent a distress signal. I'm and then a and then he considered so this is really stunning visit on the inside the cabin. Terrified passengers as real time. Quartz fire it's pretty unclear at what happens I'm says Farris footage that we were looking out last night that shape the plane made an enemy manages. C a very very violent emergency landing bumping several times. Cut a lighting and fire as it hit the runway. Issuing these huge columns of snake but the tragedy is a 41 people have died to give him. Believed to be children 37 people have survived the tragic. Indeed Julia saw your reporting alone is tonight yesterday incredible job and you're gonna say on top of this for us. Let's move on to a new United Nations science report says that nature is in trouble one million species of plants and animals. Are at risk of going extinct and scientists say. Humans are to blame. Yeah because this is a pretty big deal this is the fast. Issues. The facet of special report on fire divested of its kind in about fifty nick yeah is an of course. The more than landscape has shifted law in the Los he has admitted stock it makes rating grim reading. A legion of scientists you've been whacking on the cent gain to unveil it in Paris. Shortly they've been Davis for the UN and what they have found is that's the man made to destruction of natural cycles. Has put us on course for a sixth wave of mass extinction. Now there have been five cycles of this say fox. In the history of the natural while it of natural does off does wiping out religious species out of of course not meet said that killed the dinosaurs. But they say this is the sixth wave of mass extinctions possibly up to a million species could be wiped this is the fast cycle that is found to mankind. And it could humanity at risk as while. I mean I guess. I don't know that's awful to hear but is it that surprising not extremely I don't think and Julia worst a lot of royal baby lots in other royal news Thailand. As a beacon of humans we will always. But keep. Creating a fair play any human cigar. Thailand has officially crowned its next king. Yeah guys and of course there would the world whether he lost we Black Friday it says this is amazing so yeah the Thai king. I'm gonna try passes I'm kingdom Maha the exit zero along corn a lot that's review the sun I owned. The sodden. The king. But drew me close. A junior day I pricing now a morning. And output field king died it back into any sixty but has been a long period of mourning the ties greatly revered royal family. And he has been crowned in a ceremony at last three days and they gang fueled the writes that the name in but last week there was a well wedding because this a surprise announcement. Became my 1040 god in a lavish serve Manny. We're enjoying his pitches and the weekend. And say the Thais have been celebrating the essence of living stunning. Faces an unfit it's coming out of these beautiful elaborate lavish sent many different time. I ran again carrier record as a second yet so. About this movie does everything so the king whoever. Other guard. Thinking they raised his book think. Yeah it's like Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston and livery cab but with a happier ending they've made record of. Congressman bodyguards and I am about everything what we we need to know more about value have a that's in the it's coincidentally the Thai king of also my favorite Thai restaurant here in New York. Aren't I really think you so why shouldn't really have heard your it has I got.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Plus, a UN report's dire warning about mass extinction, and Thailand crowns its king.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62849399","title":"Across The Pond: Fiery emergency landing in Moscow","url":"/International/video/pond-fiery-emergency-landing-moscow-62849399"}