Across the Pond: What Finland's election tells us about the direction of Europe

Plus, the first live political speech from an underwater sub, and Brits call in sick for the "Game of Thrones" premiere.
5:23 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: What Finland's election tells us about the direction of Europe
Let's go across the pond out ABC news is London bureau or Julia McFarlane. Keeping the biggest international news and Julie good morning let's start in Finland. Where an election just took place why are those results show it. Morning guys happy Monday you're out of this isn't. Is shaping up there really interesting election now what happens. In it they results is that they left wing party. Has come up on top of the social Democrat posse they've become the largest party in Finland. Fussed time for them in more than twenty year as but why not behind them. On the far right Finns party now of the social Democrats they got seventeen point 7% of the vase. The far right Finns party got seventeen point 5% that's two point 2% of of the of the difference. In the diet now what's gonna happen now is that the social Democrats are gonna have to have some very tough tools to try and save out of they can make. A coalition with some of the other parts he's. A bunch of bodies have said that they will not very they will not join. The from the far right fins in any kind of coalition. Say that's going to be checking up in the coming days but let this is religious thing because you know we took a lot about Europe. Increasingly. Veering towards the far right rising far right parties across Europe and here we could see unless doing leads old. Of Finland for the first time in many years but I've go to say that. These elections are important because Finland is jeetz take up the day European Union presidency soon. But also somewhat interesting to watch is on the far right fins they struck up an alliance with far right parties elsewhere in Europe. With the Italian far right parties on Germany's alternative for Deutschland. So a lot of interest in meeting pots plates clean on the European constant. And Julia history was made with the first speech me live under water from the submarine so what was this all about. This extraordinary guys so all across over the weekend across the web these images being beamed out of the president of the Seychelles. Until what's the 400. Made on the need. The what does says he I've made the speech lie you've both costs and live from this underwater some muscle that you can see him. And I just love those like he's wearing a T shuts. That is on the left to bring and he showed what those say Shell's flag. On it he'd done pop top. Crossed ground to do interviews with various television not wise still wearing a T shut out what is. Schultz knows that loves and why did they miss while he is trying to appeal a for global action to protect. Our patients now. The Seychelles that this tiny islands nation has a string of islands east of Africa and the middle of the Indian nation. And it faces an existential threat from climate change and rising sea levels say that he feels very strongly about it and he says not enough is being done to tackle. Climate change pollution and old things that threaten all of us not just tiny island nations like this they sells. Serenading when you are seeing those images and it Julia so workshops that you're here today we are gonna call in sick after staying up all night to watch. Game of drugs but here you are. Oh no we're. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Look for a good way we really do well burying. Think that's all it. And it's. Tim eyman fallen breaker of news mother I. Get up at both of my name. No guys now I did tell you this is a concern and we want to miss three cat and Upton three million Britons are expected to call in sick to what today. He does and so this series the series and Crimea. Is being brought some low cost that the US doesn't mean their case for everything upset of this statement. And the same time that out the US say that one means that a one side of the Atlantic doesn't get it would be about. Which means aggressive enough to set up until 10 o'clock in the morning every Sunday night to what how it though insist. Poll of a couple thousand people say would you consider calling him guy coming in sick calling in sick to whacked taken what scam assigns. I'm from mother what other three million breast cancer district intending not but doesn't like a huge huge need at this country he loves. Dammit there's a the lot of British. Carlo as it isn't course at least lead based on the war of the raises which was in the a series of civil wars in England. Between that the houses of lying cost a lot of summer right buses the house if you look at this was. A series of bloody battles that George Martin has said influence on his fantasy saga and of course a lot of the cost of pretensions there. It's got a huge fan base here in the UK. I would like this think that the Americans here know that little bit of history and the fact that ends seeing this right now we have really. Really tells that we should have graduated from news now we are sorry for that. It's time would have been and we also know what you like of the blonde now yeah. And we want to I ran it. I mean there's probably. Discussing whether I'm putting this wolf you know I'd. And did a great job it is coming up before the final episode arc he's going to be summation I mean struggles hits them. I'll make us here yet today you so much for joining us and for putting out that way you haven't made Monday all worth it you ask.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Plus, the first live political speech from an underwater sub, and Brits call in sick for the \"Game of Thrones\" premiere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62402645","title":"Across the Pond: What Finland's election tells us about the direction of Europe","url":"/International/video/pond-finlands-election-tells-us-direction-europe-62402645"}