Across the Pond: Greta Thunberg spars with Trump in Davos

Plus: Lebanon protesters target banks amid financial crisis.
4:10 | 01/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Greta Thunberg spars with Trump in Davos
Welcome back president trust addressed the world economic forming dollar Switzerland yesterday. But now Swedish Steen climate activist Greta van berg is making headlines for speech there. Their ongoing feud with the president. Let's go across the pond to our foreign correspondent Juliet McFarland. In the London bureau for more good morning Julia. Morning guys yes these seventeen year old Swedish climate activist granted to invoke was one of the main highlights the World Economic Forum. In Davos she head back up to present trump speaks. Way he railed against the perennial prophets of doom it to predict the apocalypse not he didn't name it couldn't back. Specifically but it was pretty gray hair he had. In his sights when he was speaking that is why is now to and that of course she shot to fame lost it when she stage right regular strike outside of school. And then became a global face of the environmentalist. Movement she then of course beat president Donald Trump. To be that 2018 time turning nineteen at time magazine cuts and all of the yes. Now has speech when she hit back against the present she said that the facts a clip but that's still too uncomfortable. The U to address you just leave it because you think is too depressing and people will give up. But they're not giving up you'll giving up now shields they did not name president trumpeted as critical issue speaking off the his speech. And it was good that she is rebutting what he had to say let's take could listen to to what she said and have speech. Winner continued to. Offsets your emission spike just paying someone else to Johns she used in places like actor cash. Why let the same time forests like PM sun are being snorted. At an infinitely higher right. Don't think she needs is good up cause but it's nowhere near enough. What is needed to and it cannot replace the real mitigation. And we wilding nature. That mitigation she mentions of course is referring to efforts to drastically. Cut out the missions and now it's just a reminds. Katie and chemists the yes the finished its artistic dec case on that wreck chords. With the loss to find he is Seahawks just five years on record that's according to Las Vegas. And science agencies now I just want to take your best to eleven on another story that we. What she now up to months of anti government protests Lebanon has formed a new. Government not got a hat will have for the ends months of deadlock and stagnating economic cry. Economic crisis which has booked. Many many people out onto the streets we've just seen a particularly violent weekend. Around 460 people. What injured in very violent anti government protests web protestors clashed against riot police and the internal security forces take gas. From the security opposes. Under the rocks and stones from protest as backup that now. Prime minister aside Cuddy he resigned lost OK of when those protests fuss started gathering. Pace. The Hezbollah. Political wing of clothes and makeup a large pot. Of the Lebanese government salmon that allies in government could not agreed to a cabinets. A lawsuit but they Tennessee university professor to succeed Saucony as prime minister. That put that in a prime minister he's described this new government announced today. As a rescue team now there's talk to try and find decapitated trying to agree on a cabinet really became agenda when the protest took. A very very down alleged ten recently without rise in violence. Not just say give you some back on those protests and Lebanon there is this really really deepening economic crisis the Lebanese currency. Is losing valued that is a huge. Huge crisis ever since I'm them before the million to Syria Syrian refugees came into Lebanon does spend. Real issues with the public infrastructure and already at breaking point which was stretch before there's refugees coming into the country. Thank you Julia they are.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Plus: Lebanon protesters target banks amid financial crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68446590","title":"Across the Pond: Greta Thunberg spars with Trump in Davos","url":"/International/video/pond-greta-thunberg-spars-trump-davos-68446590"}