Across the Pond: Hong Kong police shoot protester

Plus: Bolivian president resigns amid protests over election, and Australia in a state of emergency over bushfires.
5:36 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Hong Kong police shoot protester
Now to breaking news overnight from the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. Police there shot at least one protestor at point blank range and the shooting was shown live on FaceBook. So let's go across the pond did you leave McFarland in London bureau for the latest Julie good morning. This is obviously very fluid situation to what extent does this kind of market escalation in this conflict between protesters and the police. Morning minute morning have a yeah exactly I mean we have seen protest of being a shot by way Lybrand before a protest has actually died that happens. Lost week oft scuffles in a Cobb parkway riot police and pertussis. Clashed so what we've seen before this latest incident today was we saw a protest. Was shot by police he. But covenant a protest the loss week died off to scuffles with by police and dot the got death of a protest of with a fast time. At the weekend led everyone to fear that violence was gained to a climax once again in Hong Kong and out of his to be the case now with what's happened today. Is that a it police money was he was going rock playing. Where the protest in a central district and he had already Jordan has gotten while he hives protester and a kind of headlock. And then when another protest a war towards him he was dressed in black and there's like a mosque. Now he was quite clearly on on the bed the footage. Unsafe to meet assays have what is on spike decides not. Not sort of carrying and it any visible weapon. But then he moved quickly towards a police man who already had his weapon join. And that not name it he opened fire shooting him in the torso and now he was rushed up to hospital. He undue has undergone this Jerry. Police say he is now in a stable condition but something else that has also happen today. Is a mine. A man who is believed to be a pro Beijing supports. He has allegedly been doused it with some kind of flammable liquid and set on fire. By protest as he is also in hospital he is an a critical condition. Situation definitely escalating there but we want to turn out so Bolivia where president Evo Morales abruptly stepped down yesterday after weeks of sometimes. Violent protests there over his disputed election so. Julie where does this leave Bolivia. Right tambien times for the south America's poorest countries Bolivia evo Marat as heed this is a very divisive. A situation in Bolivia but cause his support says. Cold this acute. And his opponents say that this is a step in the right direction for democracy now what's happened is he's resigned up to fourteen years. Of Powell because the elections loss months. Independent. International. Monitors from the Organization of American States that's sort of a year and United Nations body made up. Although the states in the Americas north and South America. They said that they had found evidence of manipulation. In the elections though widespread reports. Although election fraud and say they'll weeks of protests in Bolivia the army has not court and ever Rollins to step down. Off deal all of this. On stability and chaos. Following there's reports of election fraud but this is. Knitting class attending point four Bolivia and Marat as he was he fast indigenous Lito of the country. And he is credited with a taxing a lot of inequality injuring his time in pop. Julie I hate to spend the entire time we have you on our awful an unfortunate stories but that's kind of what we're doing it's getting really cold in new York and imagine the same is true in London. In Australia there headed into the summer months and we know that there at New South Wales they declared a state of emergency they have wildfires that if destroyed more than a 150 homes 3000 square miles. In what the emergency services minister says could be the most dangerous bush fire week the nation's ever seen I mean. We've had some wild fires every here in the US how bad is it over there. I mean guys this is kind of hard to sort of but. Put in Syria and submitted it in to pick chest so how widespread these flies off. In Australia which is of course a huge huge island but just get this there is that that the blazes have scorched. Almost 2.5. 1000008. Cases. I can't even think to how how big that is but I'm sure it cub is 7102 states of the unite of the United States that's a 12120. Blazes covering that area now since astray the made a new set of fires categorization a decade ago this is now for the first time hit the unprecedented level they've never had that before. Say it queens on a New South Wales they've declared a state of emergency as you say more than a 150 houses have been damaged. You know it's in the consent of government is also coming. And intense criticism and a stranded because they are refusing to say whether. These wildfires have been impacted by climate change. But a huge operation onto its try and get these. Buys out of control but I did say these are the some among so much of astray the entire trip particularly in Queens on a New South Wales as is is at Boston Voss landscapes which is very very pry into Busch buys so. It is a huge operation for the Israelis to try and tackle this blazes. Julian McFarland in our London bureau always so informative Julie thanks for your time we'll try to give my interior stories next time if paying for May have picked Maher and yeah.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Plus: Bolivian president resigns amid protests over election, and Australia in a state of emergency over bushfires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66907945","title":"Across the Pond: Hong Kong police shoot protester","url":"/International/video/pond-hong-kong-police-shoot-protester-66907945"}