Across the Pond: Hong Kong protesters attacked

Plus, Boris Johnson appears poised to become Britain's new prime minister, and Prince George celebrates his sixth birthday with new photos.
5:05 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Hong Kong protesters attacked
Welcome back protests in Hong Kong turned violent this weekend as masked assailants attacked computers commuters and protesters and a subway station. So let's go across the plot out our friend doing McFarlin in the London bureau for more good morning Julie. Mourning Kenneth that's right it's dozens of people have been arrested often lost night's violence in Hong Kong around 45 people. What injured one critically. Oft what a piston Ben all means gang member is armed thugs. Attacks a large group of protest is as they were rich Henning. Pay enough from dot massive rally yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of people once again taking to the streets to the Mann's. Put democracy and protesting against. What they say is increasing. Influence from Beijing in domestic Hong Kong politics. Now at the these sort of instigate his all of last night's violence I as a reported eyewitness as a political agendas on the scene they were wearing white T shuts. And they have hit to be targeting the test is rural addressed. In black a lot of images. Shed on telegram that a cryptic communications web site. Showing a lot of people in gent a lot of people being attacked by these people wearing white carrying Maxwell abroad send. Back tons. And some lol make is on journalists were among those injured in that violence very disturbing images coming out of Hong Kong last night and dean. Until there are glendening prime minister treason is stepping down what we know now about who may be replaced. Well none couldn't the consent of the party members have until 5 o'clock. This often need to submit that ballots now a widely. Expected to win net is Boris Johnson got flamboyant. Four and bowl former foreign secretary do because highs warm friendship went president Donald Trump. He's expected to win it's not comment how much by a majority but what's been happening at the last few weeks if he has been busy. Putting together. His certified dead hand he wants to be in his cabinet's. A bunch of loyalists. Some controversial. Bars back isn't hitting pretty Patel Hughes. Had to resign. From the Los cabinet and undisclosed meetings with the Israeli she's a very controversial. Choice to its agreement may be the next ten secretary she. Has called for the death penalty but has since walked days. Claims bike. And Boris Johnson is of course he's he's been writing in the Daily Telegraph today. Writing off to the opponent fifty landing saying we just need to believe in Britain. And Bre X it will be fixed. Some bold claims have been bad they can't or approximately. Half tries. Eight and I mean he's yeah I'm to believe we assume that he when's he's also facing. A number of pre resignations the treasury. Secretary and the justice the -- say that they. Planned on resigning if he becomes prime minister and some more government ministers are she announcing that they. Are resigning today had all that result coming out Barrett have been times bitch politics. See quite. A bit of fallout from that if that happens Julie before you go on so. Now to when we have a future prime minister he's gonna have a close relationship with the future king who happens to be. Pres George jacket I connected battery there I've got to get yeah I have got a big birthday that respects for pres George. Number of things from prince George it is his bad day today tiny second of July he's just finished one yet. At his school. And classy and some beautiful critics coming face days they concede that Kensington Palace have released all of this money grants. You Fijian came all the United Kingdom say you know Scott like me might take a little umbrage at him wearing an England shut but not much can forgive that because he's a keep. But yet he's fainted and taken by the duchess of Cambridge and she is becoming I'm quite a profession but local folk quite a lot of bounds. Take us from the royal household of Cambridge's. Ones that she's taken a self at payment in the guidance but some digital pics that. So do yes nice nice little. Store that's by an everyone's mind that ice. Whereas others pictures would just think that I found I know they were acts with a professional camera. And I thought that is a professional hockey I don't think I'm Italians all I got to I think bandied about with got. You know getting there it's not there with a knife bonus I just thought you like mom in the garden trying to take two days and while I do how mom's yelling at the kid back. But look into the situation like bat. Live now the web and children and animals I think that's there another cameraman is number one rule. Yeah. And if you do make she have a southern accent when you do it that's for any. Look at that now I just that I'm the gonna cause because if in the haven't seen a lot of nice bat. But that would not believe this. All right I've read is get this via we'll see next time they.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Plus, Boris Johnson appears poised to become Britain's new prime minister, and Prince George celebrates his sixth birthday with new photos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64480316","title":"Across the Pond: Hong Kong protesters attacked","url":"/International/video/pond-hong-kong-protesters-attacked-64480316"}