Across the Pond: Iran protests death toll rises

Plus: Plastic waste seen in ocean off South Africa, and former President Obama’s thoughts on if women ruled the world.
6:50 | 12/17/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Iran protests death toll rises
Let's turn out to Iran where a protest over gas prices. Rocked the nation announced Amnesty International that's at least 300 people were killed in clashes with security forces. So across the pond to our foreign correspondent doing McFarlin in the London bureau Julie good morning so this theft poll. Is significantly higher than was previously reported so why is this just coming out. Now. Exactly Kenneth morning bulls say T dot say Amnesty International previously. Estimated that the death told. In this few days of protests last month in Iran was around 200 and just over 200. I said this is not significantly. The higher than not amnesty now saying at least 300 inform people. What killed let spot tried a little of that was a week of protests in Iran last month after a sudden hike. In gas subsidies cool as the price of fuel to spike significantly. People started protesting across Iran in a number of times. And cities and then youth Ortiz suddenly and without warning pulled off. The Internet and stay in days have reception they were trying to prevent people from sharing information and also. Possibly organizing. Protests so while the country was. In a quite a significant blackout a number of Vince that monitoring agency said at one point lesson 5% of the entire country. Was on line say groups like. Amnesty International a number of UN bodies as well what trying to offend people trying to get some kind of sends. As to what was happening and so it's a bed it's been a bit of detective whacked trying to piece together how many protestors. Have been killed the authorities in techcrunch have nots given. Veteran statistics for what happened though there a couple of weeks ago they did acknowledge that security forces had shot and killed some protests as they described. As rises but guys I wanted to put you to some an amnesty us saying in particular they say them the majority of deaths. In these protests work was by fatal shots to the heads the hearts and other vital organs. They also mentioned not a fifteen year old boy in the city of Shiraz a was shot and killed. When he was costing protests when his way him from school. Wow can you. Should I ask you about this video as well it's been going viral on social media it's in Durban South Africa you can see tons of plastic waste surfing the waves. And we talked about problems of pollution in the ocean before but. Obviously this is just disturbing takes your breath. Yeah it's really really upsetting C is meant DeVon is gosh just looking ahead does now it really takes about the way. DeVon is South Africa's the largest city and is on this south African coastline. And as you can Davis faced hundreds of plastic bottles committees swelling around in the ways as they get to the beach that. The day an email at this basic to. The holiday credit the past new tech. This footage. He said that this is the result he's got cold. In Jan he said this is a result of Bob big summer rains. Flushing out all the commission that had built top on ratifying Sunday abroad dry season which is went this happens time and time again and I'm government. On not dealing with it. With as the crisis. Not it is. I was just looking into this Aaron and other in the yen. In April. That was a huge a deluge of plastic that comment DeVon in particular the ports of DeVon and they are some incredible faith days. Ships and base docked at the port and you cannot actually see the see guys because it is just a solid months. Of plastic debris. And it CA I just gay gives us a sense of of the scale. Of the problem the currents washing up an awful lot of plastic on days ports and in those areas. In southern now of course the Haitian covers wooden teeth suds. All of our planet and it's not just climate changed. I'm bank their contribution to rising global temperatures it's also things like incredible amounts of marine pollution which are also quizzing. The Asians to become. Even more acidic and Gaza has such a huge huge impact on that day preaches an analyst got a lift. In the nation's on the Carl huge impact not one human life as well. Jordan or move on right quick is there are possible even solution that they're offering in that area to clean that mess up. Yes so when it or this was really really in the spotlight in April because there are a huge number of fans circulating around the ports on the sea lions aren't there are lots of people he shed images opposition media. And hundreds of bone and his offense to get on pickup by how and a lot of the plastic bottles a lot of community action. What was was spot as a result of these face has on social media. I'm guy that's coming that I see as well or as an Indonesian those huge huge community effort and volunteering ethics and in Indonesia which is one of the world's biggest marine. Plastic police's. OK so let's move on to Singapore where former President Obama making headlines we share a powerful message praising women. Saying quote. If every nation on earth was run by women that's. A horrible impression of pretty bad though about but he fed Linda back to get it he fed that you if you have significant improvement across the board. What else that the former president have to say Julia. I may Kenneth I this is for the pretty sensible I don't know what closing headlines I have to group month. In the UBS. And you speaking at a private event. On that leadership. And this is what he had to say said that he while he was an office he had mused about what it was run by women would look like he's at now women. I just want need to know. Don't pass thanks but what I can say pretty indisputable aid. Is ideal better than offs. Well he's gonna argued have a not one. He said that I'm not sitting confident about the two years of every nation and that was run by women you would see a significant improvement across the border and just about everything living standards. And outcomes if you look at the well the look at the that problems it's usually old people usually old men not guessing out. All the way he's adds. So yeah I mean this this I did this topic of women need to ship but it is quite tiny wee was speaking any last week about Finland's about. How are now did the was youngest prime minister is just to study five years of age. I'm and she runs a government 05 political parties all run by women's say you let's take a look at and London's seek Finland by the way is always in the top five of quality. Of life table. A rotten ones and let's see how they do with women at the home gas well I think. But you won't see how many more women mobile and thank you again for that quote I really didn't capture the essence of it because you didn't you don't have Barack Obama in donations that day now. Particularly I thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Plus: Plastic waste seen in ocean off South Africa, and former President Obama’s thoughts on if women ruled the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67773756","title":"Across the Pond: Iran protests death toll rises","url":"/International/video/pond-iran-protests-death-toll-rises-67773756"}