Across the Pond: Israeli PM Netanyahu under fire

Plus, Pakistan prepares to release India's captured fighter pilot and a German town seizes a family dog.
4:05 | 03/01/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Israeli PM Netanyahu under fire
Let's go across the time feel like his hero we'll finally attracting a lot of international news this morning Julianne what's going on Friday. Happy Friday morning guy the governor heart TGI aptly about speed days sweeping god I can't get him out of my hand under way it looks a lot and I thought for a news. Big news that dropped yesterday that world catching up with today is ready prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. May be in dice says the the attorney general yesterday made announcement that he was recommending indictment on several charges. Dot the prime minister faces is the -- time assisting president and Ezra has faced criminal charges charges of bribery fraud. And breach of trust. One of the cases involves. Prime minister Netanyahu accepting a quarter million dollars of gifts of the sad cause champagne. From wealthy businessmen in exchange with Davis. And then the other two charges relate to political favored some sort of easing of regulations on a couple of media outlets in exchange for positive news stories. Now of course there is ready elections are an April say that's a lot of there's a lot of some of the speculation of how this is gonna cut his thomas'. And yulia let me ask you this because it's so if she's in because we look at Netanyahu and we know. When it comes Americans mostly what we see is obviously the friendship between he and president trump. But when it comes to I'm sure that the headlines over there is probably similar to our Russian investigation headlines so a lot of real price you about it curing. Out what happens when you've got strong ally of president trop who's in some legal trouble like this. I yards apart not quickly the president from speaking at hunt on he has defended Netanyahu sent out an about this story but he's a good prime minister but I just wanna say that Netanyahu in his responded by attacking these investigations. I they left wing witch hunt. And that investigations were politically motivated. To have him in the upcoming elections how we have that one before saying I think that's pretty interesting. Other important news that the India pox on escalation even putting this week the pakistanis have announced that they'll went into release that Indian pilot. Who they captured Alley this week in a show good faith. The Indian athletes have responded very positively they say they're extremely happy that the pilot. Is could be released we're expecting not hound David to be elated today at some point. And so it's a very well received sort of looks like a possible. This week of Lara what has been some cross border exchanges Indian strikes. In Pakistani territory in exchange for. A militants type this month that killed at least forty Indian troops. Now this is an ongoing long running conflict that's spanned decades but this week really still a very very dangerous. Escalation. I Jilin there's one more story that you watch over their fourth. Yeah as though this is. Bomb could start again just let's try sum this up a case say the business story that's been getting in fashion attention it's a town in Japanese made headlines. Because the authorities seized a found lead dog a Pug. Because they were trying to claim. And body of unpaid tax cut taxes and then selling it on eBay. Right save. I sold the dog day but is so all of the probably dog on eBay are big yap. So basically. This woman she I was being chased down for not paying their taxes so debate let's show up at her door. And they found that the biggest thing outbid them is valuable thing that she hadn't. Let the dog cook as a and they so there are no Lauren. They don't. They think that at and all the dog. That's a dream means anyone would have to fight meat itself might have a good knowing you think Israel should not be laughing at but it is just a little bit here their well Juliet while we have a great weekend and no one steals your dog. The and it's out of they would come to the vitality to this. But you thank you my friend thanks guys in ID.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Plus, Pakistan prepares to release India's captured fighter pilot and a German town seizes a family dog.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61409485","title":"Across the Pond: Israeli PM Netanyahu under fire","url":"/International/video/pond-israeli-pm-netanyahu-fire-61409485"}