Across the Pond: Japan PM Abe in Iran amid reported oil tanker attack

Plus, Queen Elizabeth's long-vacant house in Malta goes up for sale.
3:47 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Japan PM Abe in Iran amid reported oil tanker attack
Let's go across the pond out to do it McFarlin and the London bureau good morning Julia what are you can't joining us. So yeah a floating there's a voice added this morning all of that is to oil tank has. Which puts it they have come under attack off the district for the news in the gulf of that in mind. It's an interesting time for these escalation because the name and the Japanese prime minister oceans oh they. Is on a visit. To Iran what he is meeting the supreme leader Ayatollah culminate it is thief last time a Japanese lead. Has been to Iran in four decades now officially the reason for this trip is that celebrating. Ninety yeah is. All they diplomatic relationship but of course this trip is coming in the middle of all of these. G a political tensions and not very sensitive parts of the wild. Remember the present trump went on a state visit to Japan very recently. And so. Prime is sessions pay as possibly playing a key diplomatic role. Between the United States and Iran a little bit of background remember present trunk he pulled out. Of the Iran nuclear deal lost yet sanctions have been applied on Tehran that Iran is really angry about bats. And say per prime minister abbate. Speech king yesterday he said amid rising tension. It is essential for Iran to play a constructive role in strengthening peace and stability in the Middle East so that this region at way to be destabilized. Floods all accidental clashes went happened. Now that's kind of a veiled reference to the escalation in the US and Iran. Remember that the US cents and Ashcroft carried to the region often lost moms. Ask relations went for oil tank has reportedly came under attack similar instance of what may have happened this morning. The US and its allies in the gulf makes me Saudi Arabia and then and the M Iraqis they've blamed Iran Iran said it's not responsible. So there is a lot happening in this region but just before abbate visited Iran he telephoned missed a trump. Say it's though that there is some coordination on trying to defuse this escalating crisis cannot. That timing definitely is interesting. Julie so I understand a bit if you want to live like a queen. You now can I guess and he tells about one of the queen's homes. So for self. Yeah I mean isn't using they say if you want to live like a queen you can I mean. Let's just take a look at this place because. I'm out by U. Not Vista has out of the approach in Lugo that that. It was a case so so what is this that when looking at this is. The queen's former resident and Mo also the queen the duke of Edinburgh. One school at hand it could about the sales for. More than seven million dole lists. It is of blood quantum my India of Kobe mangled up annunciation it is a plot says some months on the outskirts of the Maltese capital selects. And it was a royal residence during that the years of the marriage ramat Philip with the naval office news station Malta for little bet so this was whacked. They lived it's got six bedrooms three Boston's a ground silent no BO living room on already sure what that means needless it will be something very cost. Not to mention various guest seven courses. The property has great historical value. But I mean ethnic benefits means that it dom it needs remain lobotomy gimmicks like it looks like the heck hitting him in Oklahoma K leg was. When the wind days Wednesday in dual and I didn't want to sent back to shake in this it made it scene but today's right. I'm I'm cure is always living and they are now. Is so you have you wanna buy you got a kick auto owners life. Out some I want to indeed get.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Plus, Queen Elizabeth's long-vacant house in Malta goes up for sale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63684489","title":"Across the Pond: Japan PM Abe in Iran amid reported oil tanker attack","url":"/International/video/pond-japan-pm-abe-iran-amid-reported-oil-63684489"}