Across the Pond: Kim Jong Un says missile launches a warning to US, South Korea

Plus: Food crisis puts millions at risk in Zimbabwe, and the woman thought to be the inspiration for "Snow White."
4:07 | 08/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Kim Jong Un says missile launches a warning to US, South Korea
All right and Kim Jong-un says his country's launch of two tactical guided missiles as a warning to the US and South Korea. At a new report says they've stolen more than two billion in finance. To finance these weapons let's go cross upon now to Julie MacFarlane in the London bureau for more Juliet good morning lots of news there. Good morning Jay yes this is a leaked less about what cents to the United Nations. Security Council's. Sanctions committee now basically what it says. Is that North Korea has made as you say two billion dollars. Through cyber attacks. And say the theft. Of crypt Tenet currency now we noted that North Korea. Has in very add bonds. Cyber crime. Capability. They were of course behind not notorious how could saying me. But when this news that basically says that a Pyongyang has managed to talk at banks. And crypto currency exchanges say you know that bit coy an and cryptic currencies. In and that sort of way they've managed to sort of mine this huge amounts of money which essentially means that United Nations sanctions. Condit saying North Korea based punitive measures. The impact of that is being lessened if that making money illicitly in this way as you say to fund that weapons paper. This is ready serious more than five million people in Zimbabwe need to date according. Team the United Nations they say 2.5. People within a half million people are on the cusp. All of starvation. And how is Zimbabwe has suffered news of time while. They've had notorious. Hyperinflation with that car in the C they suffered. Dreadfully when there was a slight clay and in recent years and they on now suffering drought. Crop shortages the price of fade. Has risen sharply a lot of people on the brink of starvation as United Nations is warning they op op paying the amount of money that they need. To tackle fade in security in the country. Our Julian let's let's get a little lighter here. Because now you can see the great civil maybe maybe this is dark the gravestone or Snow White pick in the German museum. What's this'll bow. That incredible. Ageless story. Bite the Brothers Grimm is apparently based on this. Judd men. Our and that's she's cool it's. Maria Sophia of bone Arab sciele. And she's from this little gem and town and she's believed to be an inspiration behind Snow White here a couple of similarities. Her father was a nobleman and off to his past wife's death. Sit he has stuck month had the reputation of being domineering and acting in favor of had not killed children. Fountain area hope father also and a glass factory in there was this massive never. Which had this inscription all about pride at stone it also is on the millionaire at Merrill on the war if you remember that. A scary Faris. Speeches new. The house in the original by the grant Brothers Grimm fairy story and there was a scary farce that was named a robber is. Nit west if you lived so a lot of similarities. And that and had grave has now being found in is on display in the magazine. I mean that is. Fascinating and fascinating I mean I wonder what happened what were the you know what was everybody else in the movie. Or they based on. And obviously we're blow the seven hills apparently shot across seven hills. To get to get to that house and of course as a landing doesn't lot of similarities and while it's not that proven that she's inspiration. Funny number of similarities between parents and lights. If there's a poison apple it's her all right cookies to theft that they did Joliet but you so much thank.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Plus: Food crisis puts millions at risk in Zimbabwe, and the woman thought to be the inspiration for \"Snow White.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64824090","title":"Across the Pond: Kim Jong Un says missile launches a warning to US, South Korea","url":"/International/video/pond-kim-jong-missile-launches-warning-us-south-64824090"}