Across the Pond: Mass ISIS surrender

Plus, Vladimir Putin celebrates International Women's Day and Queen Elizabeth joins Instagram.
4:40 | 03/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Mass ISIS surrender
Welcome back let's go across the pond now ABC news London bureau or Julia McFarlane Steve and I the biggest international news Juliet good morning what are you watching there today. Good morning guys read back watching. Ices and Easton Syria and it's lost vestiges that the top US military c'mon that yesterday telling. The house songs of this committee that the terror group Nile. Covers less than a square miles. Of territory in east in Syria but thought the militants who do you still remain. He said that they are unbroken and radicalize and they still pays a generational threat we've got some new. Images coming out of needed a ton of brigades which is kind of got lost on of hundreds and hundreds of ice his fight hasn't found Lee's surrendering it to the US ally is you see pictures of of of men who you may or may not have been spices. Surrendering to cut us led forces you see pictures of that wives and that children. And some interesting pages that we've seen actually over some of the women and some of the man remaining defiance. There have been pitches. In Ian panel's report. Yesterday saying that some people was still. The expert explaining tax beer and there are still sang out Allahu Akbar and remaining defiant and says. Some of these ice this Monday isn't on slices. Still remaining defiant and still outpacing a threat according to general eventually asked that I. And Julie you know as you know is international women's day we are celebrating here across the pond by the release of captain marvel. I as a whole our people sorry around celebrating around the world. Well let's just check and that way the Russian president Vladimir Putin say heat was seen. Riding horseback. With clay is this time but with a most mass not a police unit. Not Barry is he's with female office says he is talking about how. The amount offices. Have been tied in Russia he is and you nave to think he's anyone an adult cool us and the women all. Aaron white horses and an interesting night from mop Patrick repo and mosque and he says that. While international women's day is seen as out of a popular vote but women's rights in Russia it's kinda seen as a second Valentine's Day. Blended with Mother's Day. Actually is used as a day to sort of reinforce traditional. Roles for women so it celebrates its slightly differently in Russia but the area's cut but if Peyton. And and one of his favorite paces. On horseback. Surrounded by women there yeah. Then on speed you know women tired your queen over there she's not IG now. Yes say the queen signed off on health bused in to ground paced yesterday she is visiting the science museum. And she uploaded a defense head. That was quite insisting she was announcing a new exhibition in and in have patch up led to the spectator. That showed a lesson from. The nineteen century inventor and mathematician Charles Bobbitt. Two had great great grandfather prince Albert back an 1843. She said to have the pleasure of landing about children's computer trading. She signed up Elizabeth are and it just have to tell you one of the commons on Denise. Have paste someone said Yost queen. All. I ask you about a guy he didn't even asked bats he let's finish well foreign leaders wrapped up in China. Julie have OS abuzz about she him king's hair. The grade it's just that it's just quite interesting. It's it's an interesting Dee tell because. You know his images. Cassidy cultivated. Top previous leaders in China and so it's little bit of a break in tradition that he sort of aligned himself. It's aged quite visibly say who quite an instant diss Aniston picks up how about how important as it is at an off the little. In eyes. Look important at all. Not important but I got. Obviously for the Communist nation in their image in how there is as you mentioned so careful about it with the Luna and image right maybe he's tired. And you might look the just for men I'm gonna just keep it on the shelf and apparently. And I can't hide here. How so tired of this yeah he's going for the sage elder statesman let cool in your baby hey Julia have a great what do you got. Aspirin for whatever there are forget. Spring Ford fullback but I think we did on a different week. Oh I enjoy your silly little while not a. We're hoping seven hours apart Baghdad since SATA hard five hourly and then who now face clearly have a good weekend and you can garner.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Plus, Vladimir Putin celebrates International Women's Day and Queen Elizabeth joins Instagram.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61553832","title":"Across the Pond: Mass ISIS surrender","url":"/International/video/pond-mass-isis-surrender-61553832"}