Across the Pond: Netanyahu poised for narrow election victory

Plus, Japan lifts an evacuation order from the town near Fukushima nuclear facility and more.
5:20 | 04/10/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Netanyahu poised for narrow election victory
Let's go across the pot now to the London bureau or Julie McFarlane is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. Good morning jewel yet we've been watching that narrow election in Israel. Which both candidates have declared victory but now it appears Benjamin Netanyahu a has pulled ahead. Morning cannon yeah I mean another fascinating election from the Israelis now. The final results we will not nexus us in until tomorrow because there's one final verdict count that's going to be under way today. But will be come say. Is Benjamin Netanyahu incumbent prime minister and his rival Benny Ganz. They've faced have secured more or less the same number of seats. But whether it's height may tie the Netanyahu say that is not his allies his right wing allies. Have secured. And not cease and nick Massa set out together. It looks like they may be able to secure. Fulham a governor a governing coalition not this is an amazing. A result considering that banning guns he has a political no this fall months again his party did not exist. He's got nick let's go experience. And he has managed basically to drool. Against Netanyahu it too has sub four times in office five in creating one. Little Aaron then 1996. It's a remedy classmates think. Election has now hazel obviously made himself out to be that missed a security and and defense candidate. Gang up against this military rival with nip that's good experience one other thing tonight from the Israeli election results is that. The left wing Ponte is the labor party traditionally the pontiff premises of his route. Has all but disappeared from the political scene they've got bad enough bad any seats. And we can see that Israeli electorate a meeting to the Santa and to the rights. I'm fascinating Indian on him as a Netanyahu obviously at ally of president trotman. Lot of talk about whether or not the president here in the U west had some influence. Over the selection after Netanyahu visited the White House is days before. What really came down to it and I narrow election there Tom and let's move on we remember the horrible tsunami in Japan back between eleven that caused that disaster. At the Fukushima nuclear power plants or hearings today that the evacuation order has been lifted. From a nearby town. Yes say the government has they say lifted evacuation orders on this small town. Native affliction upon they have been whacking or the easy as on that intense decontamination. Programs. Not about 40% of duke whom which sits just just away from the fiction meant because site has been. Made ready for residents attend back that any a couple of hundreds of people have registered as residents out of more than 101000 before the disaster. Is so it just sort of you know shows how difficult speed decontamination current program. And I how that whole princesses incredibly difficult for the government to do a lot of people are just not wanting to get back to still a lot of health concerns. And also another thing that's really interesting has gotten this town is also the vacation I'm flat for a repository of millions of cubic meters of toxic soil which the government has promised that is gonna get rid of and put away somewhere else. By 2045. But is nowhere else for it to go just yet and of course this doesn't 2011. So you know in all of this time when we're worried about you know new commit companies know this kind of so you can see let's say how long lasting that right damaging effects of radiation are and this is a very very clear example. Of what could be at stake. A lot of work that's been done there since 2011. I'm Julie before you go so we've talked about. Getting tough London to new York and hypersonic fast lane in an hour we've talked about is ways to to get across the pond but apparently I think that this is the way to go. This jets in here can you please tell me how to get. How do you say hi Matt I'm sure you have had I think they know little movie. Hello yeah literally for the vendors. Obviously that's coming up we must minutes and that of being produced by Disney. Our parent company. Completely what one of but let you may need fits CGI hair with those guys out. This this is that Litsch a Browning he used to be. A former British royal marine you've been closed trader and now he's this. Incredible invents you may have seen his jet taxi before he's gone viral semi times demonstrating this hot seat now. I've been reading is more than 400000. Dollars to buy. He's been refining it over the years he secured a Paxson part of me is ago as. They hear some incredible pics of him. Showing off his as if having that base in the UK some form some soldiers licking on you can see him taking bases open on that. On that bangs batting in my tech about you but I'm find it a bit scary penny using not. I think we're ready loneliness and. He was if you feed off the ground because it goes any higher I think the the fall that would be. Pretty bad and so he with a map or off the ground that the vessel impressive though. So what is slowly Fred jet pack one Gottlieb founded hockey of faith trop. On that note Julie I'll let you have the last word on that when they Q my friend we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Plus, Japan lifts an evacuation order from the town near Fukushima nuclear facility and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62294466","title":"Across the Pond: Netanyahu poised for narrow election victory","url":"/International/video/pond-netanyahu-poised-narrow-election-victory-62294466"}