Across the Pond: Norway mosque attacker reportedly praised New Zealand, El Paso shootings

Plus, a typhoon kills dozens and forces evacuations in China, and K-pop superstars BTS going on hiatus.
4:08 | 08/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Norway mosque attacker reportedly praised New Zealand, El Paso shootings
While moving on out to the Norway mosque shooting and the suspect who was a poorly inspired by recent terror attacks by a white supremacists and messages posted. On the day of the attack described himself has chosen by the man charged in the daily New Zealand mosque attack so let's go across the pond now. Maybe he's to a McFarland and the London bureau for more good morning Julia. Mining can I think that's exactly right the attack a break in to the Moscow now discuss. Of Oslo on his son today witnesses say that the gunman it was wielding two shotgun light weapons and a pistol as well as a helmet on board to Yana. Police are investigating the attack on an Norway most eyes and attempted terrorist attack. As new details a maj about the heretic bystanders. Who held thwarted gunman when he open fire at the Al Noor Islamic Santa. Guard who where explaining how he grabbed the gunman Birmingham's about the gun fell out of the suspect's hand. Brown leather belts it lot of wonderful. Police describing the suspect as a white Norwegian citizen around twenty years old yet expressed extreme right wing views and whole style attitudes towards immigrants authorities later visited his residence where they found his seventeen year old step sister dead he is not suspected and not death. There are reports Dotson the suspect praised the gunman killed more than fifty people in two mosques in New Zealand. Back in March as well as the attack of the El Paso shootings Norwegian police say that there isn't -- dot the swift. And that response of the people inside stops at the aggress and prevented more casualties heroic actions there. Right and Julie are moving on to eastern China where a typhoon has killed dozens. That's knob and outrage or tropical storm about a million people were forced to evacuate. I was lately tonight this was a secret tightly and it is now to cause of a tropical storms storms late key mock. It we've made landfall at the weekend on east and China it then is Manning toward Shanghai. Five million people also to be affected as you say one million people were evacuated. The sky high is a massive city it is China's financial capital twenty million people. Lives that the hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated. So you followed the storm has coolest. Just gave it two billion dollars worth of damage. To the area for wrecking agriculture and causing damage to buildings. Massive storm but it is weakening as he sat. Lattice some good news there a silver lining up before you go Julie BTS news apparently I'm the army they've got. To wait to see their favorite group. That's right cops say guys this morning was the first day that I listen Tim Penny Biggio songs but quite catchy. Not Avaya and nuns that they were may be game to take a break. Back in April say that's these boys could. Supports it did take pot. In the South Korean military is some national Savvis that these that K part six does they said that they gonna take an extended break opted this massive columns. In Seoul. David the weekend's. A statement from the agency big hit and statements that that the break would provide them with a chance to enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in that twenties. Albeit briefly I know how. Ordinary lives these Nancy this does could how bad hay of the bands tear them. Yet now they've been going for about six years straight really would. 46 album hot time and the Julie you admitted that asked I think the first time you've heard of the TS sigh I'm. Really I'm impressed because when it comes to the army. We wouldn't deep they roll hey Lloyd that kind of we you now Disney. Side of the pond we really respect BT yes we know there is dead we think they're amazing they're awesome you can talk. You're here. Annihilate it now ridge about the late than never have right now that's true that in yeah yes Natalie and that I do it thank you for joining us Clinton finding.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Plus, a typhoon kills dozens and forces evacuations in China, and K-pop superstars BTS going on hiatus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64921710","title":"Across the Pond: Norway mosque attacker reportedly praised New Zealand, El Paso shootings","url":"/International/video/pond-norway-mosque-attacker-reportedly-praised-zealand-el-64921710"}