Across the Pond: Parliament reconvenes after suspension ruled unlawful

Plus: Hundreds injured as protesters clash with police in Indonesia, and a French chef sues after Michelin strips his 3-star rating.
7:03 | 09/25/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Parliament reconvenes after suspension ruled unlawful
While now to the United Kingdom where new prime minister Boris Johnson has suffered a major setback as the Supreme Court there ruled his suspension of parliament was unlawful. So let's go across the pond to doing McFarlin in the London bureau for more on what's next for Brecht said Julie good morning. Morning Hannah. How how long you gonna give me up how long. Lovell. America I mean yesterday was an extraordinary day four Breaston I just have to emphasize. We do know how of dean usual. Yet interaction between the judiciary and politics quite like you guys how they admit that this is ready quite an unprecedented rooting. By the supreme court's now they have ruled against the government recently with regards to Bre X it. Forcing the government to seek MP's approval to stop that Rex oppress us. But this dreaming that's the prime minister suspension of parliament was unlawful. Not has cents shockwaves. Across the UK and at a time. Where prime minister Boris Johnson wasn't even hip about flat he was of course. Hayat would you guys at red day UN Jack general assembly he spent with president trump I'm he addressed the UN about abraxis. And he said that's reacting to this line mock courtroom and that the government would respect. The the judge's decision on this as the web this leaves the UK know how. It's still pretty unclear. Parliamentarians. Hybrids hands this morning to. The house of commons the leader of the house of commons Jacob Riis and August outlining. The governments are reaction Nunn and starchy now in the wake. All of this ribbing but the government off facing. Huge amount of criticism and MPs on out Peyton recording for Boris Johnson. To resign the thing is the U. It there there are ways in which parliament kinda hold the government to account which. Make it unnecessary for the courts to intervenes franchise triggering a general election baiting. For no confidence against the government and peace haven't dom not yet so that's why. We had this extraordinary. Intervention. By the courts when a number of will make his and some citizens decided to bring. This case against the government. As for what happens next we still have that hard deadline approached next month with Barak sent. Unclear as to how this impacts that. Fascinating complicated lots of twists and turns om and do we begin to forget job in the time a lot there. But moving on to Indonesia war more than 300 students and police have been injured after clashes during protests over new laws so exactly what are they protesting here. Exactly. Human rights activists. I'm groups they are really really worried about this new set of bills which they say out being rushed. Through parliament. A number a very consenting issues here at stake one of them is the spit though one of these those. Would weaken the anti corruption agency. It goes back on decades of reform. In Anthony's. Another one of these bills which is getting a lot of attention although Hauspie points out that this is not the any pill that people are protesting about. Is that set premarital sex would be out lol it. And also extramarital cohabitation. Would not be allowed says basically. There are already some restrictions. All in on this and into music but these would be it would would be it would be tightening phase now. A lot of lawmaker is how of slighted Islamic practice are listed as to justification of this but Indonesia has a secular constitution it has officially. Five religions in creating catholicism. Buddhism Hinduism protestantism. Not bought in the music is the world's biggest Muslim countries. And a lot of people fan fat add these new bills could make it hot if minorities to. To exercise are in for you well enough this is. As a curtailing of civil rights so what is interesting is out a lot of these protests will led by students by young students who are old very very. Active on social media the very plugged into what's happening around the wild and and how I'm and wow they say liberal democracies should be an example to Anthony's yeah. I'm will be watching that I'm do is move to the kitchen for this next one because in France a shaft ensuing the Michelin guide. After he was stripped of its prestigious but Reese. Have that's right so at this. Very well Nan and well respected. Michelin stock she starred chef he has this restaurant opt in the Alps. It is cool is let me is on the block the house in the woods. And he. Or what but 1 morning and found out that one of his mission and does this mission style was. From route he is now staring at the admission then organization to give the reasons. As to why. They decided to remove his stop. Matt that he'd he says that he is seeking to guides objective reasons for its decision now he thinks the reason for this. Is because I had there been claims that he used Chad the cheese. In his friendships. Cheese souffle as a paste French revealed shall. Cheese he says none and I I I I had explained that was not the case I used saffron colored it was not Chad. The say who it. Yeah I'm. A very very bitter disagreement. That old. Asked disagreement as. That what you said. Yeah. Okay. And that magic that Nowak I don't know I love that I've just I've got my views of his popular Internet. Sadly when I called Julia jokes. Addicts at a later date or you do Julie I don't know go. Other than that there are always get there always get just like mine I would probably have everything he may. A fight over cheese like this then for the souffle but. This move intrastate. I mean that friendship pretty important to me she's pretty important at a friend's son Barack Obama hot what Nevada but had I just say it like. If he did use tether in the scene play. Who cares I like the terror is great however is a very posted just cheat look originated from the tee it that in the town of Canada and some of such an incident. Even have all the knowledge here when it comes to start the it can be Yelp to give you the Michelin every stars important Bailey's. Doing McFarland I give you five stars for that crossed the report. Right out of the Jamaica appreciate it kids.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Plus: Hundreds injured as protesters clash with police in Indonesia, and a French chef sues after Michelin strips his 3-star rating.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65846747","title":"Across the Pond: Parliament reconvenes after suspension ruled unlawful","url":"/International/video/pond-parliament-reconvenes-suspension-ruled-unlawful-65846747"}