Across the Pond: Prince Andrew’s accuser speaks out

Plus: Critics slam China’s mandatory facial recognition scan for new mobile users.
7:41 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Prince Andrew’s accuser speaks out
Welcome back we turn now to the fallout after a bombshell interview with Prince Andrew his accuser a Virginia Roberts you free insist Jeffrey Epstein director her to have sex with Andrew when she was seventeen. And this morning she slamming a difference for denying the accusations claiming he's making ridiculous excuses. In her first TV interview with British media Virginia Roberts Jew free is taking on prints and for only one of us telling the truth. And I know that's me Jew free says in court filings that she was directed by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the prince when she was seventeen. Prince Andrew denied that claim during his controversial recent interview when he discussed his friendship with Epstein. A convicted sex offender who investigators say killed himself. While awaiting trial for sex trafficking that he was staying at the house has convicted sex and it was a convenient place to stay. In an interview with the BBC recorded before prince Andrews interview Jew free describes dancing with the prince the night of this now infamous photo. He is the most hideous dance there. I've ever seen in my life. I think it is horrible and has I was sweating all over me that claim flatly denied by the prints this is slide program with with with with with the stressing. Because. Have a Q did many of position which is about that swept. Like didn't sway at the time Jew free is also blasting critics who claim the photo of them together was faked. I think the world who's getting sick of these ridiculous excuses. It's a real photo I've given its the FBI for their investigation. And it's an authentic photo is did you date on the back of it from an analyst. Content. This morning Buckingham Palace has not commented on due freeze interview as many say the prince should remain out of the spotlight. Tool that could tank is keen to do an interview in order to respond to claims that this Jeffrey naics. That would be a very bad decision given how reluctant he ranks I think everyone's in agreement that should he. Buckingham Palace says the prince regrets his association with Jeffrey Epstein in denies any form of sexual contact or relationship which you free. The prince could face subpoenas if he returns to the US. Joining us now for more on this is foreign correspondent Julie McFarland across the pond in the legend bureau. Julia good morning how are headed hello there in England reacting to this inner Neil. Right certain prince hundreds troubles gritty on gang away remember it was. Just David two weeks ago that he gave them dot fest incident and we may let's all of BBC news night. And the widespread for live from that in today's. It's kind of as a result to a lot of the claims he made it not already seemed to holding a lot of what her and accusations. That he was not remorseful of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. And he had not any was for the women and many of them Gaza the time. All of you who are victims of Jeffrey abstained crimes at the time. I'm I have to set what's the documentary lost night. And that the way they added it was very very jarring the way they went into an incredibly. Two other women if you are bringing cases against Jeffrey abstain. Five women and tea until. How the cost of falcons on due to testify. And another rat and revelation that that what there us subpoenas join up but when depends on June. If he ever gaze to the U lasts but it I have to say it was very jarring to see. Testimony from these women spliced in with prince Andrew's into being with Newsnight remembered some of the things he's said in that in today's saying that he did not regret. His friendship with Jeffrey Epstein because it he provided useful contacts a hand. I'm not a single wide over what's what for theirs goes now as you say Buckingham Palace has since. Released a statement off that and he's saying that he unequivocally regretted his entire friendship with Jeffrey. At Steen now we land some new things in that film lost let me lands in new. The reiterated claims that she has made also against Gil and Maxwell prince Andrew's friends that the British socialite to day to Jeffrey Epstein. Look some women are accusing how being a kind of mountain and an able and a law it. On Jeffrey Epstein crimes she is under investigation in the US but she maintains that she. Was not involved in any of his crimes and she did not witness any wrongdoing against any of those goes and that the claims against Prince Andrew. Often false but some went into staying. The new. On that documentary which I just gonna provide more of a headache. For the palace and the presence of these subpoenas are also incredibly problematic we now find those of the situation where the queen's second son. Is effectively unable to travel TVU west. In chasing he doesn't want it because he wouldn't want to give it was deposition old and he has said that he is happy. But to comply with any law enforcement agencies. This thing just keeps the schooling and schooling its ruling yet so much every every single turn you know while we got you Julia. We know that you got it we are very plugged in and in a global sense of a common thing we're talking about in the United States it was a mad I would imagine you're also talking about an England is. Expanding technology vs privacy and government overreach and want to talk about China's new requirement that new mobile phone users. Half to submit a facial scan in China says it is her protects citizens' interest and rights in cyberspace and protect against fraud but. Obviously there's a lot of critics to this and what's what of the so some of the concerns and what are people saying. Wright said this is a new regulation that China hasn't been gun two and force today dot. You all new mayor both saying you to sell venues as have to submit. A facial sky and now the Chinese authorities say this system combatants pages of security. Signed before though these kinds of things. But critics say that this is an increasing and creeping pot of China's authoritarian at the surveillance system. So ready interest staying. It. Found that 80% of of faces facial recognition suspects that they. Had lied hashing tend not to be innocent so low people as saying that this technology. It's new but it is largely untested and is not a huge amount. Of evidence to suggest that it helps to fight crime. But a lot of some civil liberty campaign is raising the lot of issues with us. And of course this is also happening the same time about us class action lawsuit against the out tick talk. Is gang on and California you guys know that huge a wildly successful. App that's gotten more than half a billion years as wild wide they're claims that it didn't send information. Back to the Chinese it's and that is a fan that is based in Beijing and the slow fade this lawsuit filed in California last week claims. That take talk creek clandestine leaned back queued up. And trying to spread to sevens in China Boston quantities. Of private and pests we identifiable. Use a data. Certainly not first time John has been accused of stepping on civil liberties definitely. I'm Julie McFarland always a pleasure to see you have good Tuesday over this arrangement Boris.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Plus: Critics slam China’s mandatory facial recognition scan for new mobile users.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67458246","title":"Across the Pond: Prince Andrew’s accuser speaks out","url":"/International/video/pond-prince-andrews-accuser-speaks-67458246"}