Across the Pond: Protesters clash with police in Hong Kong

Plus: PM Boris Johnson compares himself to the Hulk, and the Royal family celebrates Prince Harry’s birthday
4:36 | 09/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Protesters clash with police in Hong Kong
It's time to go across the pond now to ABC's. London bureau where we find to a McFarlin. Q&A I am the biggest international news good morning Julia so let's look at art and Hong Kong where more violent. Clots W erupted amid protests there. Hey Canada exactly say it is Sunday it was mocking the fifteen week old consecutive protests. In a Hong Kong and once again that we saw scenes. Tanning violent with protesters clashing. With police protested this weekend at a house and points that they went in defiance. Obeyed police found them and their with the rise protests in the city today and yet thousands of people. Tight end up once again they have changed the cool slightly then now calling for the liberation of Hong Kong they believe pos that contentious. Extradition bill which has now been withdrawn from Hong Kong by Hong Kong's governments. They were out singing patriotic songs national on fans. And also appealing to the US and the UK to help. And that cool is meanwhile. It's hard to see I have says hosting whether that was more violence this weekend whether it was just more visible. But sesame weasel protest is with during breaks trying to find bricks wants concrete sang them police and police responding with. Ward to cannons laced with bleeding dye as well as ten gaffes while vaccine there. All right let's go to latest on bread said prime minister Boris Johnson has now compared himself. So the Hulk what's gone on that. In vain admitted this was in an interview to the mail on Sunday while Boris Johnson and a trying to illustrate how would dip ten and he has to take Britain out today he you all on that yeah hello mean. Bricks that deadline. He said about the man's Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets referring of course two that much loved a model car it's. Mob rough America who plays the Hulk. In the navy's he has said that with Hulk is nothing like Boris Johnson and the Hulk fights the good say that's his and let's go opinion. And a lot of people netting that probably the big green monster is not the best analogy for the British prime minister netting that while the Hulk doesn't have to abide by low. Boris Johnson has two and at him and garnering themselves some rather unfortunate part two is in the Monday paper is today one. Cartoonist describing him as and the incredible silk. How old macro. And that's the yeah into the Hulk smash Braxton okay hey Don before you go Julie how we have a royal birthday. Hair and a way out aren't you tell by its accounts at royal with. Little to no extent. Via yeah we do Prince Harry who was fetching five video though it yesterday celebrate saying. Not pan and of course in typical us suffix and loan and Larry it was much by an instant brown paste on on how are in Megan's joins. Instead ground I count it feeds kids as sort of a grids are picked says. On howry threw out his is some really sweet pictures of him with his late mother Diana princess of Wales. In in a minute tree so many twists his grandfather prince spoke with his brother prince Winamp. Henman mag and on their wedding band also a new phase and that's we've not seen yet before by rolled over the Chris Allison on. What appears to be little odd she's christening day thought they was completely Claes to the public into the media's in his is office would look at. At how about specials many. Went down so it was his last bus they as a fog that make and of course she how to how best day in orbit space parents coming. Becoming parents with the bath of that launch in May just in time for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Based today's of course moms with some really special suite mother's and Father's Day paced and faces of the new royal baby with the parents. I really do my picture we haven't seen before the gig gift for us as well. Are very invested in this am and I am very best that our dollar and Ezra you know I'm also invested in seeing. I combos that I don't get this that we see Julia talking to Mona Mona talking. Yeah they never get to be on air together here we are. What are they will be in the same Stevie and I now on there you. Do I'll bring about my plane take. And delivers maximum released this video thing go to a club how about that. About a year and a guy let's get back on all right Juliette that you so much appreciated at.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Plus: PM Boris Johnson compares himself to the Hulk, and the Royal family celebrates Prince Harry’s birthday","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65636558","title":"Across the Pond: Protesters clash with police in Hong Kong","url":"/International/video/pond-protesters-clash-police-hong-kong-65636558"}