Across the Pond: Robert Mugabe dead at 95

Plus: Boris Johnson endures more turmoil over Brexit, Japan resumes commercial whaling, and scientists have a new Loch Ness Monster theory.
5:20 | 09/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Robert Mugabe dead at 95
Some breaking news overnight the president of Zimbabwe has confirmed the nation's former leader Robert -- they. Has died at age ninety five's we're gonna go across the pond did you live MacFarlane in the ABC news London bureau for more. Juliet good morning happy Friday to tell us about the legacy that move out they leaves behind. Page and a it's a conflict cases one Robert Mugabe a key. Has divided opinion. For decades he was seen as deliberate so all defendant named Andre. Of Zimbabwe he became president. Three decades ago and too much such elation and excitement and before. Zimbabwe and he freed the country from white minority rule and he had many headaches for the country in the hopes of rule is people but. He hit it was then known as a deeply corrupt leads. He became known for using fit suppression techniques responsible for. Look for a net mast numb but old. Human rights violations. Corruption allegations. And of course hyperinflation of Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of Africa then suddenly relying on foreign aid to feed becoming one of the poorest countries. On the coincidence now. He was removed from power by Milledge who came back in. Late 2017 he resigned. Shortly oft now he it was confirmed dead this morning having being a receiving treatment in Singapore. I'm leaving behind very complicated mixed legacy. All right and muscular Brecht to check that turmoil there in the UK new prime minister Boris Johnson is pushing. On despite conflict within his own party and his own family. Guys exactly it's been am radio ready rotten week for prime minister Boris Johnson. Crazy to think about actually parliament to attend from the summer break with Amy on Tuesday and not a run at his offices. Began but lost his parliamentary majority. That Tory MP defected to different parties he's done lost two crew rushing day. The fuss he lost debate parliament decided to take control of the political agenda and they want to push to build two extends. Correct that they once had to delay to avoid hot deal wrecks it. And then horse's response was to cool for another election. Not an also discovered by parliament he's gonna try again on Monday but the news today. Is that not so much it happened because the opposition parties a binding against. Hemp as well as steep opposition from his founding his brother Jay Jonas and defected yesterday. The eyes NMP as well eyes from his government position. Greg and Julie moving on Japan. They finished their first commercial whaling expedition and 31 years a lot of activists not happy about it. How would we know now after the why are they doing this after so long. Exactly say they as you say they have bonds commercial whaling four decades because they apology to this treaty signing command so whaling not to con announced that they why can't be within doing. From that convention in that they would be resuming commercial whaling. A few months again today's the day that they brought to they both jewel theft fast cash to. Mean key whales now is kind of complicated because the Japanese have been whaling under the such cuts is that everyone has been saying that that has been in guy's vote. Continuing. That practice of way elect have in fact debate that but there's whales on Boyd had the lead with such vessel painted office. All right and down early you mention that parliament's fresh from holiday I'm I believe that you are also fresh from having a few days off. He would need to check out Julius is program. I'd go to would be in nice easing back to whack. That is more being lays more light boxes and to five. What happens Scottish news for you guys before you guys that now I say yeah says you've got. Hear this news apparently. Exactly. Well that depends on what it when he view is bunch of is that his drug New Zealand they have been doing a lot of DNA testing. On block mess that is of course that. Big big Scottish lake and highlands head into Nazi they'll make the lock mess monks not they have determined that they could not find. Sadly it may dinosaur DNA hit hit no big secret and a shot DNA. What they have found is that they found a lot of eel DNN they think that that may be Nancy could about two Ben a lodge deal. There have been remiss not to mess he was in fact to lodge catfish and field. But you know 'cause I'm not Dick beacons and it at look messy she's evaded the expo Asia and capture. Both humans by you know for millions of the is so I didn't think. It gave her presents and New Zealand could've possibly stood atop some kind of find say I'm a wife Julie Acton said about. Myself and that's exotic. Bartlett itself yeah knowing it yet we're not exactly anytime soon thank you so much hurt glad your back from holiday and back with that's on its morning America the united we need start our question of the day is do you believe this block Mets thing is all chenille. Tiffany hill tells I know prehistoric. Dinosaur like. Thing in the pond there treatise of ABC news five let us now what do you think.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Plus: Boris Johnson endures more turmoil over Brexit, Japan resumes commercial whaling, and scientists have a new Loch Ness Monster theory.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65427921","title":"Across the Pond: Robert Mugabe dead at 95","url":"/International/video/pond-robert-mugabe-dead-95-65427921"}