Across the Pond: Royal backlash to Prince Andrew interview on Epstein ties

Plus: Chaos in Hong Kong as police clash with student protesters; Venice floods cause an estimated $1 billion in damage.
10:51 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Royal backlash to Prince Andrew interview on Epstein ties
Welcome back we turn now to the royal fallout after explosive in every with Prince Andrew for the first time the president's answer questions about his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. He's defending himself against accusations that he had sex with one of ads teen's alleged teenage victims but his defense. Is coming under growing scrutiny including the claim that he made about not being able to sweat. This morning Prince Andrew coming under fire after speaking publicly for the first time. About his relationship with Jeffrey. Epstein join regret fret that look that he has quite obviously conducts himself in a manner unbecoming. Yes. I'm becoming he was a sex offender yet. I'm sorry I'm being polite hum at the time. I'm bearing in mind this for some years before he was accused of being. The sex offender. And who's having grown then. At seamless convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor in 2008. Just months after his tenants their prints with seen in this video obtained by the mail on Sunday. Appearing in the door vaccines New York home he. It was a convenient place to stay. First I mean I mean and I've gone through this in my mind so many times. At the end of the day. And and with the benefit of whole hindsight that one could have. It was definitely. The wrong thing to do. Earlier this year at teen died of an apparent suicide in jail while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges. Prince injured maintains that despite multiple visits to several of ads Deans Holmes. He never saw any indication of unlawful conduct. Involving underage girls Virginia Roberts you Frey says she was one of at scenes teenage sex slaves in court filing Stu Frey claims. Which she was seventeen at scene ordered her to have sex with some of his powerful friends. Including Prince Andrew you don't remember meeting him. The prince denies having sex with you for as for this now infamous picture of the two together the prince says he doesn't remember it being taken and says it can be day. It is safer to go from a photograph of a fringe group since very difficult to be able to two took to prove it up. I don't remember that photo of him being taken. If you also claims that on the day of their alleged encounters he was with his daughter getting pizza. Why would you remember them so specifically why would you remember a pizza express painting because. Getting to pizza express in working as an unusual thing for me to do. She was very specific about that night she described Donaldson with you and that I knew profusely expressing. I'm that she went home to half. Ball thus possibly. This is slide program with the stressing because aren't have a Q you have motive position which is about don't sweat like didn't stretch of the time because. On it. Had suffered were described as an overdose of adrenaline in the Falklands war on an emotional threat and it was almost impossible for me to switch. And it's only because I have done a number of things and in the recent past but I'm starting to be able to. Do it again. That interview is all that anyone in England is talking about today so let's go across the pond to Julie McFarland in our London bureau for more good morning Julia. Morning kind of yeah how are people reacting to the senate. Passed. Well I mean that word now on the Fed day of the news hi wolf a fourth day really ominous headline tonight and he fest started imagining. On Friday the full fifteen minute interview airing on south tonight this Saturday night here in the UK. And it's really I I have to say all anyone can talk about still dominating. The newspaper is today a lot of people taking issue with. I'm juice that claims that he does not remember a meeting one of his if you has accused of Virginia Roberts hit claimed a two. Have been forced to have sex with a the duke of York when she was seventeen when she was a minor. And do denied that he said he doesn't ever remembered meeting. And he claimed that he had been. At a pizza restaurants. In a city way outside London that on the day that that was supposed to happen to lot of people are taking issue with the story. But I but I have so a lot of people of this morning I'm have been talking about how prince on Jane. Did not make it did not make any mention all of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and he did not seem to indicate any remorse. For them he said he progressives having stage the disgraced finance he has house. And also people are now asking web following this very d.s head into he may eventually have to speak. To federal investigators who are looking into. The Epstein case a lot of people have been digging into his in the media format palace aides describing me into the eyes excruciating. My the former press officer for Buckingham Palace. Said that it was not so much a cop crossed but an articulated. Lorry crash of an into it into view. I'm the soul comes of course as well. Amid news that depends on Jews at one of his advisors has PR advise left Savvis few a few days before the interview took place. But palace sources have been telling the BBC that the duke of York stands by his interview. And that he doesn't regret speaking to news nights and they made less. Wow Julie before we move on to the next and Alice thing about. Think the winds down by worries what's yet to correct Mars you know really just point out that we're coming up sex offender here. From that too that's you know it's obvious he stays same that he. When it comes sustain at his sap properties that it was easy. Four royal there was this it was very what comfortable easier however he put it. It wasn't really weird and awkward an Emmy obviously you're saying he's been skewered over there but. Wasn't real no forethought about. This interview and yet he fired at him buys there art I'm an ad buys a lap what a couple weeks before but you thought that the sort of more planned out. Yeah out over the weekend our air at it's suddenly not been reported that he thought he was five that but any that he laughed. Not whack Kadant fled the duke of York. But as you say a lot of people all finding it got quite a difficult thing to believe that this son of the queen. Stayed I'd Jeffrey Epstein housing Neil because it was convenient surely does name shortage of hate tells and Manhattan that he could've. Taken instead on on not -- it's a cartoonist for the times of London newspaper picks up not exactly. That depicts the queen. As the head of the royal fiber dates and that speech bubbles says quick. One his Andrew's parents may be on fire half a lot of people already having some trouble believing. Prince on Jay's. Hit his claims as to why. He is innocent of the allegations against him but he did say that he regretted his decision. Staying with Epstein off to his convection. And I let's move on to the tense standoff playing out a university Hong Kong after a weekend a fiery confrontations. Anti government protesters who were barricaded on campus all weekend tried to escape this morning. They were turned back by police using tear gas what are we hearing from our team on the ground that we know that Ian panel is there. Exactly kind of and it seems every time we visit Hong Kong. We the say things like you do the violence is reaching new heights that things are getting less. But it really really doesn't yet to be taking a ten hit now do you Polytechnic university protest is were occupying it for. A number of days now and what happens on Sunday night was not riot police and police stun outside. The campus and they gave students until. 10 o'clock at night local time to evacuate the premises. Now and bad the course of the night and it's from Barry Alley this morning very very ugly scenes the students. Inside fighting against the police outside they have been throwing Molotov cocktails. And protests is of also being seen. Using phase and our eyes and a lot of the building has been set on fire this smoke rising. From the buildings. Medics have been afraid to Graf to being arrested outside along with report says. And the police have made a cordon around to university building and they are trying to prevent people from going outside there's a lot. Of the human rights. That defendants saying that this is Bob Barr eggs in Latin preventing people. From the from leaving the building when that way that some pots of it which I still banning this morning. It pro democracy legislate a says that a thousand people. A still inside. Many of them are students meanwhile some mideast journey scenes from across the city. Someone tweeted a video of white called a black is in central Hong Kong. Barricade blocking the raids in huge numbers chanting save the students. Just around the financial district and just lawsuit Kenneth. A lot of faith is of been speculating on his mission media of people are showing by mobs on the skin. People. Cost gain the weather the riot police and their elite wrapped up police. Have been using a very highly toxic form of tea gas. Thank you Cedric it just seems to be escalating and right relating to shore let me switch gears and and then as hundreds of people had to be rescued. And they historic flooding there and now authorities are saying that the damage may top a billion dollars. Yasser few days ago the man estimated that the damage was numb it was fair to numbering in the hundreds of millions. All of you're is that now mix to be by some estimates have reached a billion. Here is in damages but that's because as as you can see. So much damage to also some very ancient buildings and that's why a lot of the that the costs increased farther because. A lot of the ref has the going to be about a gonna have to be. Done to some ancient and iconic. Buildings such as the saint mark's basilica you know you've got. Malvo than staying that is hundreds and hundreds of years old and this war so it is incredibly corrosive. Four these very very fragile materials. And who residents saw becoming increasingly angry about how the authorities. Have handled the threat that the threat of flooding from Venice is not a new one and since 2003 there has been what put in place. For a dam project that's still has not been completed and it has racked up hundreds of millions of years in cough. It's really sad sight to see there are it will to a crawl and our London bureau thank you so much we appreciate it thanks that.

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